How to Test Email Deliverability Before You Click Send

how to test email deliverability - Growbots blog

Picture this: you’ve warmed up your email domain and configured your DNS settings. Your copy is excellent, full of personalization, and free of SPAM-triggering words. The first batch of marketing messages goes out…and a lot of them come back as undeliverable. There were two critical steps missing in your process: testing email deliverability and verifying […]

Google Bans Cold Email Warmup: Why and What to Do Next?

Google Bans Cold Email Warmup: Why and What to Do Next

Over the years, the significance of cold email outreach and email marketing has undoubtedly soared. Nowadays, both cold email campaigns and newsletters help businesses across the world with reaching new potential customers and nurturing the existing ones. The amount of emails sent every day speaks for itself. According to research by Statica, it’s 347.3 billion […]

12 Sales Development Representative Skills for High Efficiency

12 Sales Development Representative Skills for High Efficiency

Every sale opportunity a rookie SDR misses, translates into lots of losses for the company. This is why it’s time to invest in your SDRs’ training to generate better results. SDR stands for Sales Development Representative and is a person that focuses solely on outbound prospecting. Big companies usually separate sales reps into different roles […]

Inbound vs outbound sales: What’s the difference and how to connect them both

There is a big debate out there about inbound VS outbound sales. Some companies swear by their inbound strategies, while others fight for their outbound sales approaches. But even the diehards in both camps are coming around to a new philosophy. Called all bound by some, it involves executing both inbound and outbound sales strategies […]

Eight Ways of Outbound Sales Automation

Eight Ways of Outbound Sales Automation

There are many aspects of the outbound sales process (i.e., the process of generating and nurturing leads and closing sales) that need to be bespoke and personal. Especially as you edge towards closing a sale. However, if you’re not automating processes that target prospects further down the funnel, you’re wasting valuable time. Here are 8 […]