Powerful and simple.

How to keep your entire outbound sales process organised and in one place?



Find your prospects within a database of 200 million decision-makers which combines data from more than 20 sources. Stop wasting time on prospecting and focus on closing deals!


Set up your target based on basic criteria such as vertical or job title. Go advanced and track technologies, web traffic and use advanced keywords option.


With the Unlimited annual plan, we offer you unlimited access to the database. It means you can run as many searches as you want and generate unlimited number of prospects.


10% bounce rate. Period. We do care about this – we won’t let you feel like you’re wasting 30% of your time getting bounces.


You will no longer have to wait days for data. Think about any target, generate a contact list and send your campaign by the end of a day.


Contact your prospects personally but automatically within a few clicks. Scale it up and contact prospects from your own CRM and fresh ones from Growbots.

reply detection

Never follow-up on a prospect who is already interested or is out of office. We know how crucial this is.

time-zone detection

Stop figuring out how to set up your campaign for different time zones. Our software makes sure everybody around the world will get your email at the time you’ve chosen, but in their time zones.

unlimited follow-ups

It takes up to eight follow-ups to be sure your prospect isn't interested. Change threads within the campaign, test different messages and measure everything. This is the real automation you’re looking for

use your own data

Leverage our email automation module for your own prospects. Keep everything in one place, organised and optimised. And again… you can import unlimited number of prospects.

custom fields

Personalise messages with custom fields, not only obvious ones such as first name and company name. Create your own custom fields to make your templates look handwritten.

email integration

Integrate with your mailbox. Do not send outbound sales emails like newsletters. Cold email is one-on-one communication. See replies both in Growbots and your own mailbox.

Reporting & management

Never stop optimising. Test both messages and target groups. CEOs and Sales Managers have different pains right? Testing never was that simple.

a/b testing

Measure results at each step of your campaign. Try different approaches to find the perfect one and track the most important metrics.


Segmenting your target by job position, for example, gives you a better chance of a response. Test your hypothesis, adjust your communication and pick the best-performing segment.

Out-of-office rescheduling

Don’t chase prospects who are not available. Contact them once they’re back in the office in the right time.

CRM integration

Two fundamental features that make your outbound much easier. Never contact a company with whom you’re in negotiation – it may cost you business.


Automated deduplication won’t let you contact customers or accounts you’re already in touch with.

live sync

Actions in Growbots are mapped with your statuses, and change automatically.


Teamwork is super important in all fields of business, and outbound sales is no exception. Work together on email templates and prepare a killer one so everyone can use it.

share the knowledge

Stop having team members killing themselves about quotas. Collaborate and stop sending out campaigns that don’t perform.

user roles

Determine user roles – restrict access to data or give permission to contact a specific number of prospects, edit project, etc.


Track your team performance, and each member individually. Find the best SDR and reward him.

Get more outbound leads from day 1!

  • "After signing up with Growbots, I was even more impressed with the functionality they offer. It's a very easy tool to use and takes the headaches out of contact management for sales professionals."

    Brian Coyne
    Sales Director at Zumper
  • "I have used many sales targeting tools, and I've never thought outbound sales could be this simple and efficient. The support team is outstanding and the flexibility and accuracy of Growbots has my outbound campaigns super effective."

    Marc Haskelson
    CEO at Compliancy Group
  • "Growbots are awesome to work with. They've generated great leads and have added value every step of the way. Would highly recommend!"

    Chris Hexton
    CEO at Vero
  • "Growbots team developed a deep understanding of our ideal buyer and it really showed in the quality of leads they provided. For a SaaS startup, I can tell you Growbots provides a real ROI."

    Tom Krackeler
    Vice President at Zuora
  • "Love the team, have benefited from the product from Day 1, and recommend Growbots to any team that wants support scaling inside enterprise sales!"

    Daniel Jacobs
    CEO at Avanoo
  • "Growbots is a powerful tool for outbound sales initiatives. We find it easy to use, intuitive, and it's built in automations save us time and help us execute."

    Meridith Perry
    VP of Sales at Paystand