How do I connect my email account(s)?

Enter Dashboard and select one of the following buttons: Connect new Gmail/Google Apps for work or Connect new SMTP/IMAP account according to your email account. To connect Gmail just log in to your account and choose Connect an email address. For another provider, fill out the form in the pop up. Read more.

What is the limitation on emails sent daily?

Each email provider has different setup, but in most cases it’s about 200-300 messages daily. Please check with your provider how many messages you can send safely each day. Read more.

Why should I connect more email accounts?

Most email providers set daily limits of sent emails (e.g. in Gmail you can send up to 200 messages per day). When you exceed the limit, sending privileges might be suspended for 24 hours. In order to avoid such a situation, we advise you to connect multiple email accounts and send smaller batches of emails per email address. Read more.

How to connect CRM

If you’re using Salesforce select Connect Salesforce in the Dashboard section and log in to your SF account. Remember that only Enterprise and Unlimited plans allow you to synchronize via an API connection.
If you’re using any other CRM you can upload a CSV file with a list of emails or companies you wish not to generate with Growbots. To upload this „do not contact list” go to Dashboard and click on the button Upload a CSV file with a do not contact list. The file must contain column named website. You can also add another column named email. When uploading websites remember to put it in correct format (e.g. instead of Analysing your data can take up to 24 hours. Read more.

How to find perfectly fitting customers

The best way to choose the right criteria defining your prospects is by checking your clients on LinkedIn and seeing how they’re described. Check their job positions, company verticals and other people in the Also viewed section. That way you’ll know how to set the criteria in Growbots. Be careful when choosing lots of different criteria as it might narrow your target too much. Read more.

How does Out of Office detection work?

Growbots is now able to detect 95% of out of office notices and reschedule campaigns according to data provided in the message. In order to turn it on, go to „Your account” and tick the appropriate box. Read more.

How can I find people from particular companies?

Go to Advanced in Edit project, and type in the names of the companies in the Company name custom field. You can search for up to 200 companies at once. Read more.

Some of the generated prospects do not fit my target. What should I do?

Go to New prospects and click on the Reject button. Choose one of the reasons from the drop down menu. Decide if you want to reject a particular prospect or all prospects from this company. You can also reject and stop all current communication with prospects from this company. When you reject prospects, they will disappear from the list, and the credits you spent on generating them will be redeemed so that you can generate new prospects in their place. But keep in mind, that once you reject a prospect, you won’t be able to generate the same prospect in the future. Read more.

Can I generate more than 200 prospects at once?

You can generate up to 200 prospects at once. This way, it’s easier for you to schedule campaigns into batches of up to 200 prospects. We strongly discourage scheduling campaigns of more than 200 prospects at once, as you may exceed your sending limits, and your email account might be blocked. We supply your account with batches of 200 prospects every few minutes. Read more.

How can I divide a list of prospects and send different cadences?

Go to New prospects and click on Accept the list and schedule messages to send -> Export to CSV only. This way all the prospects will enter “Project progress” with the status “Exported to CSV”.

Now you can select some of them and click For selected -> Start a new cadence and schedule messages to only some of the generated contacts. Read more.

What happens when I schedule more than 200 messages at once?

If you use Gmail and send too many messages at once, your mailbox may be blocked for 24 hours. Please always be aware of your daily sending limit for each channel and do not exceed it. If you need to send more emails, connect more outbound channels to Growbots and schedule smaller batches of messages from different channels. Read more.

What happens when I reject a prospect?

When you reject a prospect, it disappears from the list, and the credits you spent on generating it will be redeemed automatically. Remember that if you reject a prospect, you will not be able to generate the same prospect in the future. Read more.

How to import my own prospects?

To upload a list, open an existing project or create a new one. Click Import/Export data in the top-right corner, choose Import prospects and choose the file you wish to upload. Your prospect list must be a CSV file containing a column named “email”. You can also add „first_name”, „last_name”, „company_name” and “company_domain” columns. Check the list of prospects once more just to make sure everything was imported correctly. Read more.

What happens when I delete a project?

If you delete a project, all the prospects generated for it will be removed. If the project is in progress, no more emails will be sent after deleting it, but you will be able to generate these prospects again in the future. Read more.

What happens when I receive a reply?

When you receive a reply from a prospect, the campaign automatically stops and the status bar in Project progress turns into [Paused  New reply]. You can see the message in the prospect’s Details, as well as in your email inbox. Read more.

What happens when an email bounces?

When an email bounces, the project progress status changes to [Stopped – Email bounced] and no further messages are sent to this address. You get a credit back for each email that bounced automatically. Read more.

How do I edit my cadence?

To edit a cadence, click on a cadence and choose [Edit] at the bottom of the message body. If the cadence is currently running, the changes you make will be valid only for the messages that have not yet been sent. Read more.

How to determine the date of follow-ups

When creating a follow-up message, remember to set at least two-day intervals. We suggest you send up to four or five follow-up messages, and the whole communication should close in two to three weeks. We suggest choosing more than one day of the week for the outbound. Two days means that exactly 48 hours have to pass before the message goes out, so if a certain day passes, the tool will choose the first day possible. Remember to make the hours look random (e.g. 11:48 AM) to make it more human. Read more.

How can I send a test campaign?

You can test a cadence using the Send preview feature. To do that, go to your cadences, select a cadence you want to test, click Show preview next to a message and the preview window will appear. The custom fields are populated with random Latin words, but you can modify the contents. When you’re done, click Send preview. This message will be sent to the email address that you use to log into Growbots.

You can also send out the whole cadence by importing an email address of your own or of your colleagues using this sample CSV file and sending out a campaign to you as prospects. Read more.

How can I be sure users are not contacting the same prospect?

One of the foundations of Growbots is a rule that you can’t have two prospects with the same email address within your organization simultaneously. Keep in mind, that if you delete a prospect from your project, you or your colleagues will be able to generate it again. Read more.

I am out of credits. How can I get more?

For unlimited users your balance will be refilled to 200 prospects every few minutes. For any other contract, your balance will be restored every four weeks. Read more.

Is my data safe in Growbots?

Our data is secured and encrypted and used only to increase your productivity and results. All information provided in Growbots belongs to the person who provided it and can’t be used by any other person or third party solutions. Read more.

How can I change my password?

If you want to reset your password, enter and select Forgot Your Password. Submit the email address of the account for which you would like to change the password and we will automatically send you an email with new credentials.

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