Thing to keep in mind

Please remember that sending from an alias will not increase the sending limits set by your email provider. The number of emails sent daily from the original address and the alias should be added and considered as a total number of emails that will be sent from the original email address, so it’s important to check your timeline to monitor the situation and reschedule the campaigns if needed.

Adding alias

Growbots allows you to add your email alias as a separate email channel.

How to add an alias:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on 
  3. Fill out the form as shown below:

    *Please see this article if you are unsure how to enter your SMTP/IMAP settings

Connecting Gmail alias with 2FA enabled.

You can easily connect your Gmail alias, even when 2-factor-authentification is turned on. Please see this article on connecting Gmail via SMTP/IMAP and this article about connecting Gmail alias with 2FA enabled.


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