Create a cadence

Once you have set your target and generated a list of prospects, it’s time to write an email campaign.

Creating a cadence

First things first: you need to start a new cadence.

  1. Name the cadence.
  2. Set the timing.
  3. Fill out the sender’s name – it should match the email address from which you plan to send the campaign.
  4. Write the subject line and the body of the message – you can add images, hyperlinks, and custom fields make it more personal.
  5. Save the changes.growbots cadence setup
  6. Select New message after/before this, and repeat the previous steps. Remember about scheduling the timing of your subsequent messages so that everything goes smoothly. Read more in the section below.growbots adding follow ups

Adding custom fields, images, hyperlinks and footers

To make your messages more personal and increase conversion, you can add custom fields both in the subject line and in the body of the message.growbots adding custom fields

To do that, choose Append custom fields in the subject line, or Prospect’s custom fields in the body of the message.

Images, hyperlinks, and HTML footers can be added in the cadence toolbar. To make your message more engaging, follow these steps:

  1. To paste an image/table/horizontal line, choose the appropriate button from the message toolbar.growbots email editor
  2. To add a hyperlink:
  • highlight the appropriate piece of text
  • select Link in the message toolbar
  • paste in the URL

Important notice – We do not support file attachments, as sending bulk cold emails with attached files would most likely result in getting caught by spam filters. Instead, we suggest appending files in links in the body of the message. It’s also proven that they have a bigger open rate than attachments.


Your Gmail signature won’t upload automatically. You can, however, append it yourself to your communication using an image + text combination or typing in HTML code as the source saving the changes.

To add an HTML footer:

  • select Source in the message toolbar
  • paste your footer at the bottom of the textgrowbots html editor
  • select Source again – if you save the changes without returning to the message, the footer won’t be saved.

You can add your signature to all your emails by repeating the process, but it’s suggested that it’s best to send a visual footer only in the first message. This way your communication looks more natural and informal.


To create a professional-looking, coherent communication, you will need to pay attention to formatting your messages in the proper way. It’s best to paste the text with ctrl+shift+v – it will keep the original formatting.

To make your message transparent, easy to read and coherent, try using bullet points to present facts, figures, names or benefits. This way the recipient will be able to quickly find the most interesting information about your value proposition.


Once you’ve created the whole cadence, make sure everything looks as it should and check the previews of your emails.growbots showing preview

By default, custom fields are populated with random Latin words, but you can modify the content and it will be reflected in the preview.Cadence – Message preview

To find out how the message will look in your inbox, use the Send preview feature. The message will be sent to the email address you use to log into Growbots.


Good job! You have just created an email campaign which is ready to reach your potential clients.

Once the cadence has been scheduled, you can still edit the messages that haven’t yet gone out. You can always check in Project progress which messages were sent.

When you are satisfied with your message chain, choose Go back to cadence list, select a project and schedule the campaign.

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