Connect your CRM

CRM integration allows you to exchange information between Growbots and your CRM to make your sales process efficient and transparent. Thanks to this feature you can:

  • Exclude prospects or companies from Growbots searches – this ensures that you won’t contact your existing clients with a cold email.
  • Upload your prospects’ data and track your efforts in the CRM system – use this to coordinate your actions in our app with the rest of your sales team.

Salesforce Integration

Growbots integrates with Salesforce via an API connection.

You can read a step-by-step guide to connecting Salesforce in this article.

Other CRMs

You can also integrate with other CRM systems using CSV files.

To exclude companies, upload a company do-not-contact list. This list consists of companies’ domain names. All the email addresses in Growbots are based on the business domain. That way you can ensure that no prospects from these companies come up in your searches.

To exclude individual contacts, import their email addresses as prospects into Growbots. Remember to only use business emails, based on the company domain name. This will ensure that no prospects with these email address are generated when searching for prospects.

Learn more about exclusions in the article on excluding prospects.


Tracking your communication in other  CRMs

If you’d like to track your emails in a CRM(other than Salesforce) you can do it using our BCC feature. to see how to enable it. When you add a BCC email address, a copy is sent to your CRM for every email you send to your prospects. Please see this article to see how to enable this feature.



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