Custom fields

Using custom fields is one of the best ways to personalize a mass campaign. Thanks to this, your emails will look like you personally crafted each and every one. 

Custom fields are visible in the New prospects section. Growbots provides information for the following default custom fields:

  • Company
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job position

Editing custom fields

Sometimes you might need to edit information in custom fields. Such situations may include removing parts like “LCC” or “Inc.” from company names, changing the position name to less formal or editing prospect’s name when it’s all in capital letters (or in lowercase) etc. This will make your message look way more natural (and professional) when you decide to use the custom field.

To edit the custom fields, follow these steps:

  • Go to the New prospects section of the project
  • Click on Edit custom fields in the top-right corner and edit the information
  • The edited information will be saved automatically

Edit custom fields

You can also export the list, edit it in the downloaded file and upload the updated version to Growbots. To do that, use the blue Import/Export data button on the top of the page.

export to csv

In the file, remember to only edit columns with ‚Custom field’ in the name. Don’t delete any columns or rows.

After you’re done with editing the file, go to New prospects again and click Import/export data. Use the middle option Import data.

Update data

Watch our video about custom fields here or read the article on adding your own custom fields here.

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