Folder management

We all waste time sifting through emails from people who don’t want to buy. What we really want to do is spend our time talking to good prospects and creating new possibilities for our business.

We wanted to reduce that time-waste once and for all, which is why we introduced the new Folder management feature in Growbots.

This feature automatically detects all replies in your inbox which are bounce messages, out of office replies or just messages from prospects not interested in your offer, and removes them from the main inbox folder.

With Gmail and Google Apps for work, we assign a special label to these messages. With other email services connected via SMTP/IMAP we move them to separate folders.

Auto email management

To enable this feature, you just need to go to your account settings. Click your name in the top right corner and then select Your account where you will find the three e-mail management options:


Move out of office messages to a separate folder – Turning it on will create a new folder in your email account (i.e. Gmail) and from now on, all out of office replies will be stored there.

Move bounce messages to a separate folder – Similarly, this option will move all messages with the status Stopped – email bounced to a separate label.

Move negative messages to separate folder – By turning this option on, our system will automatically recognize all of the messages from prospects who are not interested in your offer and move them into a separate folder in your email account.

What’s important, turning this options on won’t delete all of those emails – you will still have access to them in your email account but your main inbox will be clear and easy to go through.

Accessing moved emails in Gmail/Google Apps

If you use Gmail or Google Apps for work, after logging into your account, all you have to do is to click on More on your Mail panel.

A list of labels will be shown, with a separate label for each Folder management option.

Note: If you’re using Gmail, check if your channels need to be upgraded before turning on the feature. To do this just click the Upgrade button next to your email name.

P.S. This process won’t affect ongoing communication with your prospects.


Accessing moved emails in Outlook/Office 365

After logging into your Outlook/Office 365 account you will be able to see all of the created folders in the left menu, right under the Folders section.

Accessing moved emails using other email providers

If you’re using another email provider, your new folders will be created after you receive a negative, bounce or out of office reply and you should be able to see all the email folders in a similar manner, depending on the settings of your provider/email app.

And that is it. From now on, you will be able to focus on your leads, without unnecessary distractions!

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