How to kick off your outbound with Growbots from day one


Hello there! We’re really happy that you decided to join the Growbots community.
Hello there! We’re really happy that you decided to join the Growbots community!

In order to connect with your future customers via Growbots you just need to do three things:

  • set up your account properly
  • generate prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile
  • write great outbound messages

This 10 min tutorial will guide you through these steps so that you’ll be able to launch your first campaign today!

P.S. If you feel a bit uneasy about exploring the app on your own, we’d like to invite you to our weekly webinars – you can sign up for them here.


Setting the basics

Connecting your e-mail

When you first log in to your Growbots account, you will be redirected to Dashboard. That’s the place where you can connect your email which you will use as an outbound channel – this means potential customers will receive emails from that email address.


Depending on whether you’re using Google Apps or another email provider, you will have to use one of the two options presented above. Connecting a Gmail account is fairly straightforward.


In order to connect an email account from another provider, you need to know the basics – that is, your IMAP username and password, names of the servers and port numbers.


If you’re experiencing issues with connecting your email address from another provider, please take a look at a more detailed guide here, in our Knowledge Base.


Connecting CRM


Growbots integrates via API with SalesForce Enterprise, Developer, Performance and Unlimited. You can simply connect it via Dashboard.

Then you’ll have to tell our system how to map the prospects so Growbots can deduplicate the contacts you already have in SalesForce. You’ll also have to add a BCC address in Your settings (will appear when you click on your name in the upper right corner) to keep track of correspondence.

You can read a more in-depth article on SalesForce integration here.


Other CRM

Another way to avoid contacting certain people is creating a “Do not contact” list and uploading it to Growbots. Just follow these guidelines and you’re set!

Here is a sample CSV file you can use as a template for your own.



Defining your Ideal Customer Profile

After connecting your email to Growbots, you can get started on generating prospects. It’s very important to define whom exactly you want to send your email campaigns to, and our targeting feature is here to help you with that.

  • If you’re unsure how to go about it, check your current customers on LinkedIn – look at verticals, job positions etc. These are the criteria you will be using in our search bar (amongst others).
  • Make your projects specific – this makes it easier to adjust your approach to the target.


Choosing the right criteria

Growbots allows you to create Projects – separate lists of contacts within the selected target.

You can create a new project by clicking on the respective button in the Tools (screen) section. You’ll be redirected to the targeting screen. There you’ll be able to specify search criteria for your new project.

Choose the criteria based on the ICP that you defined earlier. Job positions is the most important category and you should add as many variations of the job positions as possible.

If you’d like to search for something more specific – e.g. a particular company, or technologies used on the company’s website – use our Advanced criteria.



Generating prospects

After you create a project, you’ll be redirected to New prospects page and you’ll be able to generate your first list of prospects.

Tip: Always start with generating 10-20 prospects. It’s easier to review a small list and adjust the criteria before generating larger lists.

Read more on how to reject prospects that don’t meet your expectations.

If you’d like to learn how we approach targeting, here is an article which explains everything.

If you’d prefer to hear it from us, we kindly invite you to our bi-weekly targeting webinars. You can sign up for them here.


Launching your campaign

Writing killer emails

Great messages are the cornerstone of successful outbound strategy. Make sure you follow the 5 golden rules below when writing your messages.


Top 5 tips on writing killer e-mails

Our top five tips for a successful outbound campaign, which should guarantee you our average success rate of 3-5%, are as follows:


  1. Subject line: 3-4 words, custom fields. Make it personal. Include prospect’s name and company in the subject line or in the first sentence.
  2. Common (back)ground. Create a personal link between you and your customer.
  3. Don’t sell, entice. In the body of the e-mail include clear benefits. Use bullet-points. People love lists.
  4. Call to action. Let your customers know that you’re ready to talk. Don’t just tell them you’d like to talk – ask them (for instance) if they’re available next Monday.
  5. Follow-ups. We generally encourage you to include 4-5 messages in one cadence. Hook your customer by spreading out communication over time – short emails generate better results than long emails.


If you’d like to learn more about our approach to email campaigns, you can find a more in-depth article on this in our Knowledge Base here. We also invite you to our bi-weekly webinar on cadences – you can sign up for it here.


Cadence setup

Cadence in Growbots is a set of messages that you create and then schedule in a particular project. Click on “Create a cadence” to set up your first cadence.

You’ll need the first message and 4-5 follow-ups. It’s super important to add them, as the conversion rate from follow-ups tends to be much higher than from singular emails.



When you’re creating a cadence, the most important thing you want to sort out at the very beginning is timing. You can set it just above the text editor.


Here are the super quick tips:

  • Use prospect’s time zone.
  • Choose Mon-Fri to create a universal cadence.
  • Pick an early morning hour (about 7-9AM); that’s when people check their emails.
  • Avoid full hours (makes the message look more natural).

Timing of the follow-ups is really similar, the only thing that changes is the number of days or hours after the previous message that you need to determine.

After creating the initial setup of the cadence you can focus on custom fields, add your signature, and take care of formatting.


Starting your campaign

After you’ve generated prospects and created the cadence, go to New prospects to schedule your campaign. Click on Accept the list and choose:

  • email channel from which the messages will be sent
  • cadence which will be used.

That’s it! You’ve just scheduled campaign that we’ll be sent out automatically according to the settings defined in your cadence.


Generating and reading results

Growbots will let you know how your cadences are doing. You can check the status of any prospect in Project progress.


Whenever a prospect replies, the communication will be automatically stopped. When you take a look at the reply and see whether it is positive or negative, you can either qualify or unqualify them. A qualified (or unqualified) company won’t be contacted or generated again.

Best practices

In order to achieve success with Growbots you need to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Send out your campaigns regularly – 100 e-mails per week is a minimum.
  • Follow our guide on e-mail campaigns.
  • Craft your projects according to a specific targeting strategy and customize cadences.
  • Experiment – some of our most successful customers have over 20 cadences on their accounts!


Next steps

If you’d like to learn more, we’d like to invite you to one of our webinars – Getting Started, Master Targeting and Killer Emails – you can sign up for each and every one of them here.


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