Out of office rescheduling

When you receive a reply from your prospect, the campaign is paused for them and their status is changed to Paused – new reply.

Growbots analyzes the contents of your messages to recognize out of office replies. If the message is classified as such, the campaign is paused and the prospect status is changed to Paused – out of office.
Furthermore, if a return date is detected in the message, the campaign is automatically scheduled to resume a day after the return date and the prospect status is changed to Resuming – out of office.

The automatic rescheduling feature is enabled by default. You can disable it in the Settings section of Your account screen.

Your account settings

Keep in mind that some out of office replies might not include a return date or the date included might be ambiguous. In these cases, you’ll need to schedule the continuation of the campaigns manually.

To do that, go to the Project progress view of your project and locate the prospect. You can also use the Search feature to find the prospect easily.
Once you’ve found the prospect, click on Actions…, choose Schedule continuation… and set the date and time when you want the campaign to be continued.

In some cases the reply might not be recognized as out of office and the prospect will be assigned the Paused – new reply status. You don’t need to mark these replies as out of office but you can schedule the continuation of the campaigns manually.

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