Rejecting prospects

After you’ve selected the criteria for your prospects, the best step is to inspect your project and make sure you are indeed targeting leads who most closely align with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). If you’re finding that some of the prospects are leads who don’t quite fit the description, you can reject these leads.

  1. Save a set of criteria that best defines your ICP
  2. Navigate to New Prospects section of your project
  3. Generate about 10-15 prospects. (A sample of your prospects list is more manageable to inspect than your entire list of prospects)
  4. Click Reject* to reject either the prospect or the company


*Note* Rejecting candidates will result in one of two options; you’ll have the option to either reject from this project or reject permanently:

  1. Reject from this project (removes prospect from current project) or Reject Permanently (prevents prospect from generating in other projects)
  2. Confirm Rejection
  3. Before you click item 2, please remember: This operation cannot be undone
  4. Any prospects you reject before scheduling a cadence will be refunded back your account, but please note that we don’t automatically generate a new prospect in place of the rejected prospect.

Always remember that if you’re not satisfied with your prospects and you’re finding they don’t meet your expectations, you can always make changes in Edit project and adjust your criteria.




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