My prospects’ replies don’t show up in Growbots

In order to run email campaigns with Growbots, you need to connect at least one email account. This is so Growbots can send your email campaigns on your behalf. Essentially, Growbots functions like Outlook or any other email client would.

Growbots also regularly connects to your email account to check for incoming mail. It does this in order to analyze the messages in your inbox to see if they match any of the campaigns running in your Growbots account. If there is a match, the message is displayed in the Details view of the corresponding prospect. The status of the campaign is also updated accordingly.

Growbots only checks the main inbox folder of your email account when looking for replies.


If you can find your prospects’ replies in your email account, but they don’t show up in Growbots, it means that Growbots was not able to find these messages. Follow the instructions below to ensure the replies are found and matched with your campaigns.

  • Email forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to automatically send any incoming mail to another email address. When setting up this feature in your email account, you should be able to choose if you want the messages to be removed from your inbox after they’re forwarded.

Make sure the messages are not removed from your email account by email forwarding.

  • Inbox rules and filters

Inbox rules and filters allow you to tidy up your inbox by moving certain messages to subfolders. However, if the messages are moved from the main inbox folder, Growbots won’t be able to find them.

Review all the inbox rules and filters in your email account. Make sure your messages aren’t moved from your main inbox folder.

Folder management serves a similar function to inbox rules and filters. It allows you to get rid of bounces and out-of-office replies as well as negative messages. You can read more about it in this article.

  • SPAM filter

The SPAM filter is a special filter that shields your inbox from any unwanted messages. In rare cases, your prospects’ replies might be considered SPAM and moved to the SPAM folder. Just like with the inbox rules and filters, this will make Growbots unable to find the replies.

Disable the SPAM filter in your email account.

  • Email client settings

Some email clients download all your emails from the email server. After the messages are downloaded, your email client deletes them from your inbox. However, if the messages are deleted from the server, Growbots won’t be able to find them.

Make sure that your email client doesn’t delete the messages after downloading them.

Taking care of these steps should resolve your issues.

If your prospects’ replies are still not showing up in Growbots, please reach out to the Customer Success Team for further assistance.

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