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Our native Salesforce integration allows you to seamlessly connect your Growbots account and its associated activity to your Salesforce Instance (through the REST API, available in Enterprise and Unlimited plans and available on request in Professional plan) Some core functionalities of this integration include:

  • Excluding your organizations’ contacts/leads in Salesforce from being generated in Growbots.
  • Creating and updating contact/lead profiles in Salesforce based off of activity in Growbots.
  • Tracking both in & out email activity on the contact/lead profiles.

Connecting Salesforce

The first step to successfully integrating Salesforce with Growbots it to connect your Salesforce account:

  1. Log into Growbots as the Admin user.
  2. Go to the Dashboard section and click Connect Salesforce

Log into Salesforce and grant the necessary privileges by clicking Allow.

Prospect Exclusion

The first step of setting up your Salesforce integration is deciding which prospects you want to exclude within Growbots.

You can exclude leads and contacts that exist in your Salesforce account from being generated in Growbots. On this page you can:

  • Choose whether you want Growbots to exclude Leads, Contacts, or both. Additionally, you can also choose to not exclude either Leads or Contacts (note that this de-duplication process is based off of the prospect’s email address which means that we will exclude individual prospects.).
  • Upload a company do-not-contact list of companies you want excluded from your projects. You can learn more in this article.

Once you’re ready, click Next Step.

Prospect Sync

Next, you can choose whether or not you want prospects generated by Growbots to be uploaded into Salesforce.

  • You can select whether you want prospects generated to be created as Contacts or Leads.
    • If Contacts, you can choose if you want Growbots to create Accounts for the contacts as well.
  • You can choose to not have Growbots upload prospects into Salesforce at all.

If you choose not to upload prospects into Salesforce, you’re done with your Salesforce integration setup! Simply confirm by clicking Save & Finish.

Otherwise, click Next Step when ready.

Contact Column Status

If you chose to upload prospects to Salesforce as Contacts, you now choose which field on the Contact profile we push the contact status over to. This field needs to be a picklist field.

Once you’re ready, click Next Step.

Status Mapping

If you are choosing to upload prospects from Growbots to Salesforce, Growbots will update the lead/contact status of these prospects when certain actions take place. For example, you can update the lead status when the first message is sent to the prospect.

In order to do this, be sure to map prospect statuses in Growbots to lead/contact statuses in Salesforce.

Note: A prospect will be uploaded to Salesforce when the first mapped action takes place.
Once you’re ready, click Next Step.

Salesforce Status Actions

You can also decide which status changes in Salesforce should affect statuses and actions in Growbots.

For example, you can decide that if you switch to your Salesforce status to Unqualified, your prospect’s status in Growbots will change to Prospect unqualified and Growbots will stop sending new messages to the prospect.

Data Mapping

When adding prospects into Salesforce, Growbots can update standard data (First Name, Last Name, etc,) as well as custom fields. In order to do so, simply map the custom fields from Growbots to the fields you’d like them to update in Salesforce. Keep in mind that all of your required fields have to be mapped to a Growbots field.

Once you’re ready, click Next Step.

Note: If you chose to create Accounts as well – there will be a similar process for your Account related fields.

Note: Make sure that the content pushed over Growbots is able to be generated in SFDC ( either through a custom text field, or a picklist with the correct fixed values.)

User Mapping

Growbots will assign an owner to the prospects uploaded to Salesforce. In order to make sure that the owners are correct, you can map each Growbots user to a specific Salesforce User. The Growbots user that generated the prospect will automatically be assigned ownership in Salesforce.

Note: When adding a new Growbots user, he or she will automatically be mapped to the Salesforce Admin who had set up this Salesforce Integration. Remember to update these mappings immediately.

Once you’re ready, click Next Step.

Email Tracking

Growbots can track the emails you send to your prospects as well as their replies as activities in Salesforce. You can choose to have sent emails be tracked, replies, or both.

Once you’re ready, click Save & Finish.


Congratulations – you’ve successfully connected your Salesforce account to your Growbots account! Keep in mind that as a Growbots Admin you can edit these settings any time.


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