Timeline is a feature that helps you monitor your current campaign activity. It helps you monitor your scheduled deployments to ensure everything is going out and to help prevent exceeding your daily sending limits.

Timeline works by showing you a total count of emails that are currently scheduled to be sent from all connected email channels on any given day.Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-06 o 13.47.25 (1)

One message per campaign

It’s important to note that only one email (the next email to go out) in a campaign is scheduled at any given point in time. Even if you have multiple emails in a cadence, Timeline will only account for the next one in the deployment.

Let’s look at an example – say you start a new campaign for 50 prospects.
The first round of messages will become scheduled immediately and the Timeline will be updated to reflect that – the total on the respective day will increase by 50.

Once that first round of emails is sent, the first 50 messages will disappear from the Timeline (since they’ve already been sent).
However, the follow-ups will be scheduled immediately and the Timeline will be updated to reflect – the total on the respective day will increase by 50.

Email sending limits

Every email account can send a limited number of emails. It’s usually a daily limit, but it can be monthly, hourly, etc. Once you exceed it, your account may become frozen and you won’t be able to send messages for the rest of the day. It’s good to be aware of your sending limits, so reach out to your email provider to find out your allowance.

It’s good to keep in mind, that these limits serve a purpose. Sending large quantities of emails can degrade your reputation as a sender, so limiting your activity is the easiest way to protect you from, yourself.

Regardless of what your hard limits are, we suggest keeping your activity under 200 emails per channel per day. This isn’t a guarnteed number, but experience shows sending at or around 200 is usually a safe bet. You can send more messages if you would like, but make sure to do it in a responsible way, and avoid harming your reputation in the long run.

Timeline doesn’t limit your activity

As you get closer to the recommended limit messages for a single email channel approaches the advised safe limit (200 for Gmail channels and 500 for SMTP/IMAP channels) the number will turn orange.

If you exceed the limit recommended, the number will turn red.

It’s important to remember, that Timeline doesn’t limit the actual number of messages. Since Growbots doesn’t know your actual limits Timeline provides you with necessary insight, but ultimately the responsibility to manage your sends stays with you.

Rescheduling campaigns

Clicking on any of the email channels in the Timeline will redirect you to the Search view with filters preset so that you only see the respective campaigns for that day. This way you can work directly with the campaigns scheduled for deployment that day and easily reschedule any that may exceed your limit. Learn more about how to do that in the article on rescheduling campaigns.

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