Email timing

The timing of delivery has a big impact on open and response rates, so it’s obvious you’d like to make the most of it.

You can set up a specific day and hour for messages to be sent according to a certain time zone, or choose the “prospect’s time zone” option to automatically adjust the delivery of each email to the recipient.


Tweak the hour so that it looks more natural (e.g. 8:12 is much better than sending a message exactly on the hour).

Remember to schedule your messages about 20 minutes before they are to be sent. Our software needs a while to process the whole campaign.

If you don’t select a specific time, your cadence will start as soon as you schedule it.growbots prospect time zone


You can also mark which days of the week would be the most suitable for your message to be sent. This way, our app will schedule emails for the closest day that matches your criteria. This is very convenient when you plan to use your cadence multiple times, and we usually recommend marking all days from Monday to Friday.


When you schedule follow-ups, you have three options:

  1. Choose a specific time and day, just like in the opening message.
  2. Send after a few hours or days.growbots send after
  3. A combination of options 1. and 2. For example:
  • You simply select the delay in hours or days before the first message should go  out, and mark particular hours and days. That way, the message will go out at the closest possible time.  

There is a borderline case connected to this feature. Let’s say you want to send the following messages:

  • The first message is sent on Monday at 10 a.m., prospect’s time.growbots send at
  • And you want to send a follow-up three days later at 9 a.m. (here: Thursday)
    • Choose Send after 2 days – our software counts one day as 24 hours, so if your message is scheduled earlier than the previous one, you need to adjust that – just choose Send after 1 day.  
    • Select Send at 9:12 a.m. prospect’s time zone

growbots timing

It’s best to create a universal cadence by setting “2 days after” and choosing days Mon–Fri.growbots multiple days

In practice, the follow-ups should go neither too often, nor too rarely. The best way to increase your chances of receiving a positive response is to keep four to ten-day intervals between your messages.

By default, your follow-up messages are sent in the same thread, but you can edit the subject line so that they appear in a new thread.

Timing best practices

You might write amazing messages, but it is not only what you write that matters but also when you do it. Timing may not be everything in this case, but it definitely matters. Keep in mind a few facts:

  • Choose random times – 8:37 looks much more natural than 8:00. Remember that you want your emails to look as though they were sent to a friend.
  • Morning – you’ll end up at the top of recipients’ inboxes when they check their messages after getting to work. Most people start the day by reading emails, so why don’t you add yours to their pile?
  • Afternoon – lunchtime is not a good idea, but after 2 p.m. should be fine.
  • Evening – this might be good idea on Sundays: the  weekend is nearly over, and most of us are starting to think about work and planning the following week (i.e. people check their inboxes).
  • Try a few different approaches to find out which one works best with which target. People have different working habits, so think about when they’ll be the most responsive (startups are probably online 24/7, whereas people in big corporations may be available only 9–5).

How to pick the best day and time. Here are some findings from our analysis:

growbots best days

  • Monday – people have a lot of things to run through to catch up after the weekend. Adding to their job may not bring good results.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – best shot, the highest probability of replies occurs on Thursday.
  • Friday – people are already thinking about the weekend and focusing on closing things they planned for the week. Avoid sending first messages then, but a soft follow-up may be a good idea.
  • Saturday – this day doesn’t seem to be a good idea, as the weekend has just begun, and people are not eager to check their mailboxes and read messages.
  • Sunday – can be a good choice; people plan their whole week and may put you in their calendars.

In terms of timing:

growbots best timing

  • There is a peak at 7 a.m., which means that people check their mailboxes on the way to the office. It’s worth remembering that they read your message and reply from their phones, so make your emails easy to skim.
  • The probability of a reply is a bit lower during lunchtime (1 p.m.), but in general timing doesn’t matter a lot during working hours.

Some people are used to replying to emails late in the evening before going to sleep, so it can be worth trying, but there is no point in sending messages before 5 a.m.

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