Too long list/email limits

Sending limits

Each email operator sets a daily sending limit. For instance, with Gmail it is about 200 emails daily. If you exceed this limit, your inbox will be blocked for 24 hours. We want to help you avoid issues with sending limits, that’s why we do not recommend generating lists with more than 200 prospects. You can also see the number of scheduled messages in the Timeline.

Avoiding limits

With Growbots you may connect as many email addresses as you wish. Thanks to that, you can schedule multiple campaigns per day from different email addresses – each one to a batch of 200 prospects or less.

Generating list of prospects

When you create a project and want to generate prospects, start with a short list. 10-20 contacts at the beginning should be enough. Thanks to that you can easily review if they fit your target, reject the ones you are not interested in or edit your project criteria.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.24.08

When you are sure the target is correct, you can always generate more prospects. Remember that your list should not exceed 200 prospects at a time.

Too long list

When you generate a list of prospects, but don’t want to contact all of them at once, you can easily schedule a campaign to selected prospects.

You can either select a few prospects and click Accept X selected and schedule messages to send:

select and accept

or mark the whole page (50 prospects) and click Accept 50 selected and schedule messages to send. Remember, you can only select one page at a time, so if you wish to accept more than 50 prospects, you have to repeat this process.

Accept selected

In either case, the prospects you haven’t scheduled any cadence to will stay in New prospects. You can send messages to them whenever you want.

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