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The Unsubscribe link feature allows you to give your prospects an easy and direct way to let you know they want to receive no more emails from you. It will also help you to avoid issues with spam.

When your prospects click on the link, they will be redirected to a website confirming that they have successfully unsubscribed. Growbots tracks the clicks and reacts by stopping the campaigns that are ongoing for these prospects. It additionally assigns the appropriate status to them (Stopped – unsubscribed).

Keep in mind that if you use the Unsubscribe link, the prospects will no longer need to reply in order to unsubscribe, so it might impact the response rate of your campaigns.

How the Unsubscribe link works

The unsubscribe feature is built upon the custom field function. If you’re not familiar with the concept of custom fields, it’s a good idea to start by getting acquainted with them here.

The feature introduces two custom fields called “unsubscribe” and “unsubscribe_url” that you can use just as you’d use any other custom field. The difference between the two is that the “unsubscribe” generates a complete link that reads “Unsubscribe,” while “unsubscribe_url” just generates a URL, that you can use in a link of your own creation.

These two custom fields are special in a sense that they are hidden; you can’t access or edit them in the New prospects, Project progress, or Detail views. The contents of these custom fields are generated automatically and contain the address (URL) of an unsubscribe page that triggers Growbots to perform the appropriate actions.

{{ unsubscribe }} custom field

The easiest way to use the unsubscribe link feature is to simply add the {{ unsubscribe }} custom field to your messages. To do that, simply click on Prospect’s custom field and choose unsubscribe from the dropdown menu.


In the actual message sent to your prospects, the custom field will be replaced with a link that reads “Unsubscribe” and redirects to the unsubscribe page.

Unsubscribe link preview

{{ unsubscribe_url }} custom field

For more advanced users, we have prepared a way to use the unsubscribe feature as a part of a customized link. You can do that by using the {{ unsubscribe_url }} custom field.

In the actual message, the {{ unsubscribe_url }} custom field will be replaced with the url of the unsubscribe page. You can build this URL into a link using the link creator or the HTML editor. This way you can customize the message and appearance of the link to your satisfaction.

Unsubscribe URL in HTML editor

The URL created with {{ unsubscribe_url }} is complete, including the “http://” protocol prefix, so make sure not to duplicate it in the link that you create.

Make sure not to use the {{ unsubscribe_url }} in plain text, as it is not the complete link, just the URL.

URL only preview

{{ unsubscribe_url }} example

The easiest way to add the {{ unsubscribe_url }} custom field to your message is to use the Link creator button in the cadence visual editor.

  1. Write the text that you want to use as your your unsubscribe link.
  2. Select the text and click the Link creator button.
  3. Change the Protocol to <other>.
  4. Put the {{ unsubscribe_url }} in the URL field.
  5. Create the link by clicking OK.


Testing unsubscribe links

We encourage you to test the unsubscribe links you build into your messages before sending them to your prospects. The best way to test an unsubscribe link is to send the cadence to yourself as a prospect. You’ll find a detailed guide to doing that in this article on testing cadences.

Please keep in mind, that even if the prospect clicks on the unsubscribe link, you’ll still be able to manually start a new campaign for them. And if you choose to delete them, it will not prevent you from generating them again in the future.

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