Import your own prospects

In addition to the prospects that we provide, you might want to use prospects from sources other than Growbots. No problem. You can import a list of them and send messages to your contacts automatically using our tool.


Start by creating a CSV file. The only column mandatory is the one containing the prospect’s email address. Of course, you can add additional information, like your prospects’ first and last name, company, position, location, and company’s domain. You can also add any other information matching custom fields that you have already added in Growbots. Providing this information will allow you to use custom fields in your cadences.

Remember that if you upload prospects without information about their location and then select „prospect’s time zone” in a cadence, the messages will go out in PST.

You might also use a CSV file that you generated from any other source, such as your CRM software. The CSV file may contain some redundant columns and they won’t affect the import.

You can use this sample CSV file as a template or just look below to see an example of how the file can look like. 





Once you’ve prepared your file, follow the instructions below to upload your own prospects:

  1. Go to the Projects section and click Import prospects.
  2. You can add your additional prospects to an existing project or create a new one.
  3. Upload your file.
  4. Next step is column mapping. Match a field in Growbots to the column from your file (e.g. email -> the column with emails in your file; it means that we will match GB custom fields with your columns).
  5. You can review your imported list by choosing Go to imported prospects.

That’s it! You’ve successfully uploaded your own prospects to Growbots.


Upload from the project view

You can also import the contacts directly from a Project progress view.

Start by creating a file that meets the following requirements. Open Google Docs or Excel, and create a spreadsheet with a column entitled “email”. If you want more custom fields, you may add the following headers: first_name, last_name, company, position.

Adding a column with domains („company_domain” header) will make the app automatically merge prospects from the same company. Once you qualify or unqualify a person from a particular company we won’t generate new prospects from that company for you.

You can use this sample CSV file as a template.

growbots uploading own prospects

On top of that, you can edit the information connected to your imported prospects. Click on Edit custom fields at the top-right corner to do that. Edit the first name, last name, company name or name of the job position. Try to make all the names look natural – delete all phrases such as “Ltd”, „Llc” or “Inc” and avoid capital letters.

Updating prospects’ information

If you wish to edit any prospects (either imported or generated in Growbots), you need to click on the export option:growbots exporting data

The .csv file will be downloaded and you need to do the following:

  • Open a new spreadsheet (Google docs or Excel).
  • Click on File->Import, and select the appropriate file.
  • Check out the new columns that were added to the file, and feel free to fill out the ones that are of interest to you.

After you finish editing, download the file again as a .csv, and choose Import data to update your prospects:growbots importing data

One important thing: When you export already imported prospects, you will not see email addresses in that file. No worries, they are imported. We just block the possibility of editing them. If you want to change email addresses, you need to import them as new contacts.

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