Who are warm leads?

Warm leads are the prospects whose responses were qualified as positive or neutral by the algorithms prepared by our Data Science team. You can see the number of warm leads for each project in the reports section.


What should I do with this information?  

The easiest way to convert leads to customers is to schedule a short call to connect with them and build a personal relationship. That’s why you need a strong call-to-action in your messages.

However, it may happen that the person replying didn’t say that they don’t like your solution, they just might already have something similar in place or they closed their budget for given period of time and their spending is limited. Such prospects should become your priority and you should do your best to convert them with a strongly personalized email.  Here’s how you can do this:


  1. Create a separate cadence that mentions that you’ve been in touch with them already (a regular cadence could make them feel that you don’t remember that they’ve already replied once).
  2. Go to your prospect, click actions and then schedule a new cadence.
  3. Once the new campaign is in progress, click pause.
  4. Then click on actions and schedule continuation. You’ll see a calendar to pick the date, you can choose, for example, a date which is in 3 months. The campaign will be re-activated only then and there’s a chance that the prospect will reply positively.


You may also want to do recycling campaigns for all of the prospects that you contacted some time ago. To do this:

  1. Go to search.
  2. Filter the campaigns by date of activity, you may, for example, choose campaigns that were running 4 months ago.
  3. Mark the prospects you’d like to re-contact. 
  4. Click group actions and schedule a new cadence.

These kinds of campaigns can bring you new customers, and it’s ideal to get the most out of the leads you already have. Should you need any help, please contact us at customers@growbots.com, or use our in-app chat.

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