8 Takeouts about Startup Sales from Steli Efti [SaaS Meetup]

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8 Takeouts about Startup Sales from Steli Efti [SaaS Meetup]

When do we truly connect with our prospects? When do we become a salesperson? How do we sell better? We went to Steli Efti SaaS Meetup Cracow to find out.

Our Questions from SaaS Meetup Cracow

These are a few of the questions asked at the SaaS Meetup #Martech in Cracow organized by Innovation Nest. And Steli, as always, nailed it. Nearly half an hour of questions and answers, without fluff.

8 pieces of sales advice from SaaS Meetup Cracow

1. Things to do in startup sales:

  • DO track activity level.
    • Watch and measure how your prospects interact. Your prospects’ behavior is extremely important for your reactions. Every action should have a reaction – plan this conscientiously!
  • DO call your inbound leads . . .
    • . . . five minutes after they sign up for your trial. Don’t leave room for doubt.
  • DO care.
    • Ask yourself, and ask frequently: when do I truly connect? After one call, two, fifteen? Count, note, gather data – how needy is your prospect. Later, you can make assumptions with niches.
  • DO measure.
    • The top inside sales metrics are:
      • activity
      • quality of activity (reach rate)
      • conversion

2. Sales team motivation:

  • Use healthy competition, and do fun stuff together.
  • Demonstrate – let your sales team see you making tough sales calls (the CEO should make sales calls). Let them listen, and be a role model.
  • Fail publicly in front of your team; MOVE ON; do not look for excuses do not blame external factors; do not bow out, hide in a corner or run out of the office; CONTINUE, and make the next call.

3. The most successful sales channel for Close.io is content.

  • All of their growth is inbound. Content marketing is an invisible salesperson .

4. When hiring a sales guy, never think you’ve hired an amazing one.

  • Selling is constant learning; it depends on team dynamics and the product.

5. In Close.io they do not look for a great salesperson.

  • They make a hire, and they train them. Test them – see if they have the guts to grab what they want. Hustle, and hustle hard!

6. To make a great salesman, you have to make them fall in love with the team and company culture.

  • After that, they start to love sales.

7. Following up isn’t rude or impolite.

  • You never, ever, ever stop following up! ” But don’t be needy, and don’t make the recipient feel bad.

8. Care about people; don’t use them!

  • Whenever you try to contact C-level through assistants, don’t use them. Don’t take advantage of people between you and your contact. Simply care about people. First, ask how YOU can help THEM; later, ask how THEY can help YOU.

Do you have any particular advice? What would you add? Help us give back to this amazing community – share!
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