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Outreach doesn’t have to be a manual and time-consuming task. Use Growbots to easily hit a bigger scale with your outreach activities. Build automated sequences, follow-ups, and personalize each email within minutes.

Build a relialbe outreach engine

Low or no efficiency of your current outreach?

Doing outreach wrong can cause you more harm than good. With Growbots, you can forget about landing in SPAM or being banned. We help you set your email accounts and email deliverability correctly so that your emails always land in your prospects’ inboxes.

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Easily automate your outreach campaigns

Use Growbots’ user-friendly interface to create advanced email campaigns that will compel your prospects. Build email sequences using pre-built templates and personalize your messaging with data-based custom fields (e.g. company, industry), smart custom fields (e.g. {{today}}) or if conditions to make your cold emailing more effective.

Never start from scratch again

The AI Template Generator is designed to help users create customized email templates tailored to their target audience, eliminating the need to start from scratch or guess the right messaging for cold outreach. It streamlines the process by requiring only a company description and target audience details. Benefit from its memory function, which saves previous inputs, as well as the option to regenerate templates as needed. Additionally, the generator offers customization options, allowing to adjust the tone and length of their email templates according to specific requirements.


Reply to your prospects directly from Growbots thanks to Shared inbox

Forget about having to switch between different inboxes to be up-to-date. With Shared Inbox, you can easily manage and reply to all the answers that you receive as a result of your outbound campaigns.

Reply to your prospects directly from Growbots thanks to Shared inbox

Manage multiple accounts

Connect all your email accounts to Growbots and take advantage of being able to manage your cold email campaigns from one place. This way, you also make sure you never exceed your daily sending limits while doing cold emailing. We will distribute your scheduled outreach emails between your accounts to maintain high email deliverability for your cold emailing.


Import your own contacts

Import your contact lists to our cold email outreach software and use them in your outreach campaigns. Imported email addresses automatically go through email verification to ensure low bounce rate and high deliverability. You can also do prospecting from Growbots' 180M+ database.


Multichannel sequences with manual tasks

As part of sales automation, one of the email campaign features in Growbots is the possibility to create multichannel sequences. To increase your chances of attracting your potential customer’s attention, our cold email tool enables you to include LinkedIn touches, phone calls, and other custom tasks in your sequence.


Easy campaign management​ in one dashboard

Manage all campaign activities with Growbots' user-friendly dashboard and make sure that your cold emails are on track. On request, we can also provide you with additional campaign data from our app's backend.


Email tracking and actionable insights

Growbots enables email tracking and helps you identify what works so you can maximize your campaign performance. You also have detailed reports, actionable insights, and the possibility to A/B test at your service to make sure that you’re always improving your cold emailing efforts.

Email Tracking and Insights_

Auto unsubscribe prospects

Growbots automatically unsubscribes a prospect if their reply to your campaign includes a request to be removed from your list. This way, you can focus on improving your cold outreach without having to spend time on manual tasks like deleting prospects from your list.


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Learn from the best people in industry

To ensure that you are up-to-date with all the industry’s best practices and nuances, our experts regularly update our knowledge base, develop our in-app training as well as organize insightful webinars and Q&A sessions to answer any questions you may have.

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Cold email outreach is a process of finding and reaching out to contacts outside of our client list in order to promote and sell your services or products. Although cost-effective and powerful, sales outreach campaigns can be time-consuming and daunting without correct email outreach automation tools like Growbots.

Simply put, cold emails are messages which are sent to a stranger with the intention of building a mutually beneficial relationship, usually using an email outreach platform. Newsletters, on the other hand, are pre-written commercial messages sent to a group of recipients who have subscribed and consented to receive marketing communication. In most cases, marketing automation tools are used to send such emails.

Cold email personalization is an action of adding information to your emails about your prospects and about yourself to make your message more relevant to the person you’re contacting. In its most basic form it’s about using fields like {{first_name}} or {{}}. Personalized email campaigns show your prospects that you’ve researched them and care about capturing their interest. They are also much more effective. By default, for all prospects generated in Growbots, you can see the prospect information including first name, last name, gender, country, department, seniority, position, industry, and timezone.

There are many benefits to using an outreach automation tool. First of all, it helps you refine and personalize your sales messaging which results in more productive conversations with your prospects. The right tool will also allow you to build segments so that you categorize your prospects as contacts or leads, and so that you only contact the right people at the right time with the right campaign. Considering that over half of the sales time is wasted on fruitless prospecting that leads nowhere, one of the most important aspects of an outreach tool is the possibility to prospect using advanced targeting criteria. Last but not least, outreach tools significantly speed up your cold email campaigns as they allow you to schedule and fire off personalized emails to your prospects at a scale.

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