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Growbots’ email lookup tool is an ideal solution for sales teams and individuals who want to locate professional email addresses. By processing millions of data, Explore reduces the time you need to find emails to seconds.


How our email address finder works

Growbots’ database consists of over 180M contact details sourced from various proven providers.
We regularly update the database to ensure that all old email addresses are removed, and all addresses are verified.

Email finder - step 1

To find email addresses you’re interested in, type in the details you have into the search bar. Depending on whether you’re looking for a particular person’s email address or want to perform a company profile search, enter the name and surname of the prospect or company details like name or domain.

Email finder - step 2

Explore goes through our database to find the records matching with your filters.

Email finder - step 3

If the records are found, you’ll get an overview of the contact details to a prospect or a group of prospects from a particular company you’re interested in.

If our database doesn’t include an email address you seek, Explore will guess the email address based on other email addresses from that particular domain or company.


Benefits of our email finder tool

Forget about manual research. Growbots’ Explore is the best email finder for your business. Learn about all of its lead generation possibilities below.

Look for a particular person or a company

Ever struggled to find company email addresses? Explore helps with this by offering search features that include browsing through both prospect and company data. All you need to do is type in the company name or the name of the prospect in the search bar.

email finder - prospect and company data

Find prospects that match your buyer persona

Prospect filtering enables you to find verified emails to people who exactly match your criteria. You can filter by job title or more advanced criteria – it depends on you how specific the search is.

email finder - buyer persona

Find companies that match your ICP

Find all the companies that are your potential clients with Explore’s advanced company filtering. Get a list of companies that fit your ideal customer profile in seconds by filtering our database using chosen criteria.

360° prospect data at your fingertips

Besides email addresses, our email finder tool gives you access to prospect details such as: phone numbers, department, seniority, position, social media accounts like Linkedin profile, and many more. Note that not all contacts will include phone numbers.

Reach out to the found contacts

With a Growbots account, you can easily transfer the prospects you found in the Explore email finder tool to an existing outbound campaign or a completely new outreach campaign. You can also export the targeted email lists you created with Explore through an export campaign in Growbots.

Email finder - create outbound campaign

Learn more about your target group

By browsing through our database, you can find significant insights about your target group such as the profiles of prospects, company structure etc. This way you can adjust your sales strategy accordingly, and improve the personalization for your outreach or email marketing.

Email finder - learn about target group

Customer stories

What our clients say

Finding the right contact that we need in seconds or minutes and the amount of time we have not having to dig and search for the contact in the company saves us an incredible amount of time and helps us grow our business even quicker. 

Cooper K. Manager, Marketing Development


I really like that you can target specific job titles. We have seen an increase in the number of event attendees since we started using Growbots. The platform is really easy to use, it took us around 15 minutes to become comfortable with it.

 Queen G. Digital Marketer


“Growbots allows quickly finding thousands of leads from a database very similar to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. These leads are easily exportable to a .csv or .xls with many attributes. The validity of the leads generated by Growbots in my case ranged from 75% to 90% which is much higher than any previous manual lead generation work that I used.

Denys S. Chief Business Development Officer


I was able to generate a high-quality contact list in half the time it would have taken me before. This software really helped me improve my work performance. I get to select my ideal audience, which is important

 Queen G. Digital Marketer


prospects worldwide

Find email addresses to people worldwide

Our database is GDPR-compliant which means it excludes contacts from the countries covered by General Data Protection Regulation. 

email finder - worldwide prospects

Soon, we will be rolling out an update with business email addresses and other contact details to prospects from the UK. 

Join our waitlist to be the first one to know about the release.


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Finding verified email addresses is crucial for successful outreach and email campaigns.

When you verify email addresses using specialized tools, you enhance your sender reputation and increase the chances of your emails being delivered. This way, email verification (through methods like company profile search and bulk domain search) ensures that your emails reach the right prospects.

Using unverified email addresses can lead to high bounce rates, negatively impacting your reputation and email deliverability, consequently resulting in a failure of your cold email campaign. The use of platforms like Growbots which serves as a database with contact data, email verification tool as well as cold email automation platform, increases your chances of better results of your outbound initiatives.

With tools like Explore, you can streamline email finding and create targeted email lists that improve your chances of connecting with potential clients and generating more leads.

Ultimately, the use of valid emails not only enhances your cold emails or email marketing efforts but also maximizes the impact of your outreach. It’s a proactive measure to ensure your messages reach genuine recipients, leading to stronger business relationships and increased opportunities for growth.

If you are interested in learning more about email verification, other email search tools and ways to find qualified leads, make sure to check out our blog where we write about it extensively.

To locate an email of the person you’re looking for, simply type in their first and last name in the Explore’s search bar.

We recommend you to start a free Growbots trial during which you’ll be able to, depending on your choice, access the exact company email addresses, export them to a CSV file or use them directly in an outbound campaign.

Explore gives you the opportunity to browse Growbots’ 180M+ database for emails of individual people or a group of people within a particular company. Depending on your need, enter the name and surname of the prospect or their company details like name or domain into the search bar. 

If our database does not include an email address you are looking for, Explore will guess it by looking at other emails within the same company or domain.

You can use Explore for free to look for email addresses and create prospecting lists using cart functionality. For exporting or email outreach, you need to use a credits system in which you spend one credit to export or contact one email address. You can buy credits in bulk anytime after signing up to Growbots.

In compliance with GDPR policies, Explore only accesses publicly available contact information. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

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