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We’ve helped over 2000 customers to achieve many incredible things.

Atyhna case study

How early-stage companies can generate quality leads with 30-35% win rates




See how Athyna found its perfect strategy for generating high-quality leads and scaling its business by relying on one outbound tool in its technology stack.


years of gradually building ROI with outbound


employee handles the work of 10 people


How Bridgemart keeps getting new leads with only 30 min of outbound a week



No hustle

Read why 3 months is enough for companies with no or little experience in outbound marketing to build a strong customer acquisition channel almost effortlessly.


deal that covered the costs for Concierge in 100%


of outbound activities are handled by Growbots

Premium Support case study

How to send powerful messages and attract clients with no marketing background


From zero to hero

Premium support

Find out how to learn outbound marketing skills from scratch, get personalized feedback on your messages, address your prospects so that they answer you back, and land a client that will help you grow professionally.


months to get fully independent in outbound


new jobs after optimizing email campaigns


How Daniel is scaling up business and keeps improving service quality without hiring


Growbots for agencies

Dedicated features

Learn how the partnership with Growbots can help lead generation agencies avoid hiring new staff, replace hundreds of costly tools and keep service quality intact with an all-in-one platform for their clients.


to onboard a new client and launch the first campaign


clients are manged by Daniel on a daily basis


Reconciled was looking for a way to grow faster and they couldn’t achieve that with just inbound. Now they have a predictable revenue engine and utilise our “Unlimited” plan to introduce the concept of virtual bookkeeping to thousands of decision-makers nationwide.


person using Growbots


minutes a day

ReactiveOps were looking to expand their reach and drive more traffic to their events focused on Kubernetes technology. Growbots allowed them to speed up the prospecting process without the need of increasing their head count.


of attendees driven via Growbots


to find relevant prospects

Growing rapidly, Highfive couldn’t rely on manual prospecting or agencies taking 1.5 weeks to provide them with data. With Growbot’s self-service platform, they were able to reduce by tenfold the amount of time it takes to generate high-quality leads.


faster prospecting


lower CAC

With over 350,000 customers, GetResponse had been using more than 10 different tools for lead generation and sales. Growbots’ challenge was to make their sales process easier and more integrated.


month to close
the deal


automation tools tested

Getting started with enterprise sales, Relatable needed an effective way of getting in front of brand marketers at all Fortune 500 companies both in the USA and Europe. Growbots helped them to automate their account based process with great results.


meetings in 1.5 month


deal closed!

When Daniel Kirk was ramping up his B2B growth agency, he was looking for a scalable system that would allow him to be as efficient as possible. With Growbots, in just 2 hours per day, he’s able to run outbound campaigns for 8 different clients.


/day 1 person running outbound campaigns for 8 clients


from the first email sent to the first appointment