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How Bridgemart keeps getting new leads
with only 30 min of outbound a week

How Bridgemart keeps getting new leads with only 30 min of outbound a week

Joe Wellborn (Bridgemart) success story

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    My mission is to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their business. I show companies how to use B2B lead generation strategies to drastically grow their business without huge additional effort.

    Story is based on results after 4 months of using the Concierge service

    Table of Contents
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      Table of Contents
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        From onboarding and training employees to managing their daily operations, people working at small companies today wear many hats. It’s no wonder that many have difficulty finding the time and resources necessary to explore new customer acquisition channels like outbound marketing. 

        Key points

        1. What is Growbots Concierge?
        2. Why does Bridgemart use it?
        3. What outbound activities does Concierge handle?
        4. How did Bridgemart benefit from Growbots Concierge just after 3 months?
        5. What were the side benefits of using Concierge services?

        One time Joe Wellborn, the Head of Marketing at Bridgemart, was checking his inbox, an email caught his eye.

        It was a message from Luke Deka, the CEO of Growbots, offering the Concierge service where 90% of outbound activities are handled by a dedicated consultant using a native all-in-one platform powered by Growbots.

        It really got Joe’s attention, as he realized that they needed to attract just one single client to have the Concierge pay off.

        Bridgemart decided to give it a try.

        So, can we talk about a success story here? Let’s find out!

        Re-evaluating Existing Practices

        Bridgemart is a provider of safety glasses on prescriptions. Before implementing new customer acquisition channels, they relied heavily on customer referrals for generating business.

        While the numerous companies that use their online platform daily did offer some means of growth, it became clear that this wasn’t all they could be doing to meet their growth goals and realize their full potential.

        The company was new to outbound marketing, so Growbots got in touch and explained the process and how Concierge services could help them there. 

        The program offers the support of a consultant who deals with 90% of outbound activities on the company’s behalf using the Growbots platform. 

        Considering Concierge? Focus on your core business while we will deal with your outbound marketing activities.

        Designed for people who need a tried-and-trusted way of outsourcing their outbound sales, the service helps them redirect their focus on other business areas.

        According to the analysts at Growbots, companies usually take at least 25 hours monthly to carry out all outbound marketing activities. 

        With all the tasks taken care of by the Concierge, organizations are left with one thing only – engaging with warm leads

        After some deliberation, Joe and his team decided it was worth giving it a go.

        Setting out on the outbound journey

        Ready to take the leap, Bridgemart worked closely with Growbots to get a clearer view of the outbound possibilities.

        First, they got a comprehensive overview of how the service works and what it involves. 

        The clue was to understand Bridgemart’s needs and their ideal customer profile, as well as to adapt the solution to their plan the best way possible. To do that, teams on both sides engaged in consultative discussions.

        Once everything was covered, Joe and his team got detailed information about what their outbound marketing plan would look like, what metrics would be targeted, and what the overall timeline would be.

        Overall, it went as expected based on the process that was articulated upfront.

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        They were assigned a Growbots Strategy Consultant, Paul, who was going to make sure that everything would go according to the plan.

        He used the Growbots platform to send the first campaigns, and Bridgemart soon observed new warm leads coming in.

        Paul has been helpful and provided guidance on crafting and simplifying messages to generate warm replies that we can convert into actual clients.

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        Putting outbound marketing on autopilot with Concierge

        The common barriers many organizations face in administering their outbound marketing activities are a lack of time and resources to do so effectively. 

        And the long list of campaign-related tasks includes the following:

        • manually creating prospect lists,
        • writing copy for all levels in the sales funnel,
        • sending and optimizing email campaigns,
        • taking care of email deliverability,
        • managing replies,
        • scheduling meetings.

        That is where the Growbots Concierge service came in particularly handy for Bridgemart.

        With the ability to handle 90% of its outbound activities, Joe and his team could optimize their time and focus on their strengths and other priorities.

        Considering Concierge? Focus on your core business while we will deal with your outbound marketing activities.

        At the same, they kept complete control over what was happening as they had full insight into the Growbots platform and could discuss any matters with Paul once a week.

        When it comes to outbound activities, Joe’s team only had to reply and correspond with viable warm leads. He has been able to even close some deals without much effort or oversight on their part.

        It’s great, it’s kind of fun to just log in, and see what’s going on. I can check in with the team once a week, and it sort of runs on its own. I’m really happy about it.

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        Capitalizing upon results

        Through their early work with Growbots, Bridgemart has generated tangible results in their outbound marketing efforts.

        Within just three months, they have managed to sign one deal and fill up the pipeline to an impressive degree, bringing in a lead after lead with high close rates.

        We recently had a new client placing orders that covered our initial investment for Concierge alone. There are also a few more waiting to be onboarded.

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        Bridgemart can see firsthand how taking a targeted, measured approach to outbound marketing can be a valuable channel in discovering new business opportunities that would not be otherwise possible.

        These are companies that we would not have had a chance reaching out without working with Growbots.

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        What’s more, they have been able to do all of that while keeping up valuable time and resources that can be focused on Bridgemart core business.

        Reaping benefits beyond leads

        Beyond simply enjoying a consistent warm leads flow that his team can actually work with, Joe has also noticed many other benefits that have come with their collaboration with Growbots.          

        First and foremost, they have adopted best practices used in outbound marketing, reinvigorating their emails to be as concise, potent and effective as ever.

        All that was possible thanks to the close cooperation of Joe’s team and their Growbots consultant.

        Paul has a lot of experience and expertise in how to craft your message. On our side you tend to want to tell the entire story – like all the details.

        Paul was really helpful in guiding us to craft a message in the way that is intended to convert someone, to generate a warm reply we can convert into an actual client. He provided a lot of guidance in terms of simplifying the message.”

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        Bridgemart started to enjoy the awareness and understanding of how outbound marketing works and how it can help their company grow.

        We’ve learned that you don’t want to tell the entire message, you can’t tell the entire story. You’re trying to hit those few points that are going to get somebody to reply to you.”

        Joe Wellborn

        Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgemart

        With the help of Concierge, Bridgemart has also been able to:

        • utilize Growbots’ detailed analytics and reporting capabilities to track their progress,
        • optimize their carefully planned strategy,
        • ensure that they always move in the right direction.

        What started as a way to improve Bridgemart’s outbound marketing efforts has quickly become an integral part of its business model.


        After only 3 months, Growbots Concierge became the legitimate and predictable customer acquisition channel for revenue growth at Bridgemart.

        Joe and his team have been able to fully capitalize upon potential outbound markets and industries, all while allocating just 10% of the time and resources they would otherwise need to spend.

        Considering Concierge? Focus on your core business while we will deal with your outbound marketing activities.

        Whether you are a one-person company or your team is small, inexperienced in doing outbound, or experienced but simply without the time or will to explore it, Growbots Concierge will support your efforts and grow you a pool of warm leads.

        Reach out today via our live chat to learn more about how we can help you take your outbound marketing to the next level.

        Key takeaways:

        1. Concierge handles 90% of lead generation activities at Bridgemart using an all-in-one platform powered by Growbots.
        2. Bridgemart is now only responsible for engaging with warm leads, a task that takes them around 30 minutes a week.
        3. Within 3 months of working with Growbots, Bridgemart signed a new deal that covered the costs for Concierge in 100%.
        4. Apart from securing a constant flow of new leads, they learned to be more concise and persuasive in client communication.

        no prior experience & time required

        Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

        no prior experience & time required

        Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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