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As of February 1, 2024, new email sender requirements by Google and Yahoo! require email authentication from custom domains.

Non-compliant emails risk being marked as spam or not delivered. Repeated offenses may lead to domain blocklisting.

Our Done For You service offers two levels to help ensure compliance.

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$200 Per one domain $250 Per one domain
SPF Record Check YES YES
SPF Record Setup YES YES
DKIM Record Check YES YES
DKIM Record Setup YES YES
DMARC Policy Check YES YES
DMARC Record Setup YES YES
CNAME Policy Setup (custom tracking domain for accurate campaign result tracking) YES YES
Creating a new custom domain for outbound NO YES
Setting up automatic forwarding of the new domain to your main domain NO YES
Creating 3 outbound inboxes under the new domain NO YES
Connecting new inboxes to warm-up NO YES
Connecting inboxes to Growbots, creating signatures compliant with best practices NO YES

Monitoring and consultations – $69 per domain, per month;
information on being marked as SPAM, identification of reasons why a domain was marked as SPAM (blacklists, email copy, settings, DNS), action items on how to get out of SPAM (recommendations via email)

The first 15-minute consultation is free

Take care of your inboxes

And reach out to your potential customers without obstacles



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One user seat basically equals one additional person who can log into your Growbots account and run the campaigns. You can specify whether you’d like them to be an admin or a regular user. Each user seat comes along with one email account for free!
An email account is an email you can integrate with Growbots in Settings -> Integrations and use it to send your campaigns. You can purchase & add multiple email accounts under one user seat.

Credits are the Growbots “currency” used to purchase new leads. You get charged one credit in the moment of scheduling or exporting a new prospect from our database. Credits can be translated to a monthly limit of new prospects contacted – if you have 500 credits, you can schedule 500 new prospects each month.
Note that credits don’t limit the number of messages sent to each prospect – once you spend your credits on a particular lead, you can contact them as many times as you’d like. Moreover, should you ever be provided with an inaccurate / inactive email address, you’ll receive a refund of this credit, so you’re only paying for actual, valuable leads.

Credits don’t roll over from month to month – they are “use it or lose it”. We noticed that in order to have success in outbound campaigns, it’s crucial to keep consistency in contacting new leads. In other words, on your renewal date your credits count resets to the number specified in your subscription – if you had any credits left in the previous period, they will disappear.

We do! We’re running a referral program and strongly encourage you to participate in it.

Through our ambassador program, you can offer your network 15% discount & earn 15% of their monthly subscription up to $2,000 per person.

Find more details here.

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