Premium Support

Become an outbound pro with the help of Premium Support

Premium Support

Who is it for

Become better at outbound sales

Get help with your email deliverability and strategic advice on your campaigns whenever you need it.

Master outbound with experts Premium Support

Have little or no outbound experience but want to do outbound on your own

With Premium Support, you get the needed guidance in terms of building your outbound strategy from scratch and tips on how to optimize your campaigns.

Improve your current strategy - Premium Support

Want to consult with experts to improve current process

You can also benefit from Premium Support if you need to consult and get advice on how to optimize your current outbound strategy in case your current set up doesn’t work.

How it works

All the help you need to succeed on your outbound journey​

01 Technical Setup

During a call with our team, we help you with your technical setup (IT/Email/Domain configuration).


Create your first campaign with the help of our video training and sequence tutorial.

03 Request feedback session​

Request feedback and get tips on how to optimize your message, campaign structure, or targeting.

Premium Support process


Benefits of Premium Support for your business

Get all the support you need

No matter if you need a quick answer to a question about Growbots’ features or want to get feedback on your outbound campaign – our Consultants are ready to lend you a hand. 

Key benefit: You get help with your outbound campaigns whenever you need it.

Learn how to do outbound right

Thanks to our advanced onboarding process, we quickly get you up to speed with the Growbots tool as well as the recommended practices that will help you create compelling outbound campaigns. 

Key benefit: With access to pro outbound knowledge and help from our outbound and deliverability experts, you build a working and scalable outbound process.

Improve your outbound performance

Get strategic advice and work on constantly improving your outbound activities together with one of our experts.

Key benefit: Instead of learning from mistakes, you set you campaigns correctly right from the start.

Set and maintain high deliverability

We help you with your deliverability to make sure that your emails don’t land in SPAM.

Key benefit: Your emails always reach your recipients and never land in SPAM.

Customer stories

What our clients say about scaling their sales process with Growbots?


Debating whether our Premium Support service is something for your business?

Premium Support is a service for people who: 1. haven’t done outbound before but have the resources in-house to do it with additional strategic help from our side, 2.  have a basic knowledge and experience of doing outbound but would like to become better at it with the help of an external expert.

All of Growbots clients have access to our live chat where our consultants are waiting to help them with questions regarding the tool, campaigns etc. With Premium Support, clients additionally get help with technical set up, as well as on-demand feedback on the campaigns they are creating along with insights on how to improve their performance.

Premium Support service includes: help from Outbound Strategy Consultant, help with technical setup, brainstorm sessions, feedback on targeting and campaigns, improvements to the account, as well as sharing the best outbound practices.

You are responsible for your outbound campaigns – starting from campaign creation to campaign optimization. Your Consultant’s role is to help you take your campaigns to the next level and make sure that your messages are well-written, the targeting you set is good etc.

Account optimization is a service dedicated for clients who have problems with targeting and who want to know if they are on the right track with their outbound activities, want to improve their results etc.

Join 2000 companies which scaled their sales with Growbots

Start your outbound sales journey with Premium Support today

Start selling like crazy or talk to our expert during a demo. No strings attached.

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