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Explore: accurate and swift email search

Growbots’ email lookup tool is an ideal solution for sales teams and individuals who want to locate professional email addresses. By processing millions of data, Explore reduces the time you need to find emails to seconds.

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Precise database with contacts for every niche


Spending too much time on irrelevant leads?

If you’re tired of looking for prospects manually and simply don’t have time for it, you’ll love our intuitive and precise prospecting feature. Browse our database of 180M+ contacts with 20 sources of information for each prospect, use our detailed filtering criteria, and find leads that are only the right fit for you.

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Want to stop relying on not consistent inbound leads?

Sometimes you need to be proactive to keep your sales pipeline full, especially when methods like inbound don’t bring the results you want. Growbots helps you take charge of the process and fill your sales funnel with high-quality and verified prospects that fit your ideal customer profile.

sales prospecting platform

Finding new potential clients has never been easier

Tired of spending hours on prospecting and having to use different platforms to find the exact people you want? With Growbots, you can build tailored lists of perfect-fit prospects within minutes!

Find new leads and scale your sales funnel

Access over 180 million contacts in our self-healing database and get a list of companies matching your profile and making high quality sales leads. You will only pay for the prospects that you cherry pick for your campaign.


Get list of high-quality prospects in seconds

Write your website URL, review our "About Us" description, select the target that the AI proposes, and explore each individual company and person within that target using the Explore feature. To gain access to AI prospecting, visit after registering.


Sales prospecting tool with a safe database

Thanks to live email verification, our database is updated continuously. It becomes more and more accurate with every email sent through our solution. As a result, we offer high email deliverability.

Live email verification

Relevant decision makers at your fingertips

Reaching out to the right people has never been easier. With Growbots, besides usual prospect data like job position or company size, you can access their direct email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles as well as organizations they work in within seconds.

360 Prospect Data

We integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot and CRMs via Zapier

If you integrate your own database via CSV or your CRM with Growbots, we will blacklist your current customers so that they don’t pop up while you research new prospects. This way you avoid duplication of contacts and contacting the same person twice.


Segment your contacts to improve performance

In Growbots, each campaign targeted towards a particular audience works as a segment. By monitoring results of each segment, you can easily appoint the audiences that are the most responsive to your outreach and reuse them in the future.

Easy Segmentation

Pay for only valid email addresses

For emails that bounced due to having an invalid address in our database, we refund your prospecting credits. This way you don’t spend money on contacts that don't exist.

Credit refunds

Export your prospect lists without hussle

Once your list of qualified leads is ready, you can export it for later use without any additional costs. You can also use it directly in our outreach automation tool in Growbots.

Free of charge exports

prospects worldwide

Find email addresses to people worldwide

Our database is GDPR-compliant which means it excludes contacts from the countries covered by General Data Protection Regulation. 

email finder - worldwide prospects

Soon, we will be rolling out an update with business email addresses and other contact details to prospects from the UK. 

Join our waitlist to be the first one to know about the release.

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Learn from the best people in industry

To ensure that you are up-to-date with all the industry’s best practices and nuances, our experts regularly update our knowledge base, develop our in-app training as well as organize insightful webinars and Q&A sessions to answer any questions you may have.

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Prospecting using our 180M+ database starts at just $199/month.


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Sales prospecting is a process of identifying and finding people who are potentially interested in buying your product or service. Identifying the right people means defining who your ideal customer is. Without this step, you cannot do sales prospecting successfully. After creating your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), you need to find the people or companies who match it. Nevertheless, you will never know for sure if the person you’re contacting is either interested in what you’re offering or ready to buy. Therefore, all prospects are only potential customers. Nevertheless, learning how to properly qualify leads and using a b2b sales prospecting software can help you to improve your prospecting efforts. As a result, you will be able to build a valuable, convertible prospect list.

Sales prospecting software is usually used as part of sales automation. It is a software that automates the process of prospecting for sales professionals. Prospecting new customers is crucial, however, it is a time-consuming process and for this reason it should be automated. There are plenty of sales prospecting software to choose from. Growbots is one of them. Combining prospecting into one all-in-one solution together with email automation and contact data is what any sales rep needs in order to cut back on manual tasks and be able to focus on the more important aspects, such as closing the deals. From our experience, sales representatives spend too much time on manually searching the web to research prospects or information to help personalize campaigns. Even the best sales or prospecting tips can’t prevent that – only a right prospecting software can. For instance, using Growbots, you (or your sales reps) gain access to an advanced contact database, email automation and sales prospecting tools, as well as an extensive knowledge base with all the best practices on prospecting etc.

The process of reaching out to prospects and arranging first meetings requires persistence and consistency in your actions, even if you are using a prospecting platform. It is recommended to wait until after 3 months or 500 contacted prospects to evaluate your results. Everything before might be a bit too early. Give your prospects a couple of weeks time to reply. Our research shows that prospects are more likely to respond even after 3-5 follow ups!

If you want to find leads in B2B sales, lead scoring is crucial. It will help your outbound sales teams boost productivity and ultimately close more deals. One of the most important benefits of lead qualification is that it allows you to focus on leads that are most likely to convert into a customer. By doing this, you can save a lot of your (or your sales reps) time and money. To sum up, identifying the most promising leads can benefit your business in a number of ways. By focusing on them, you’re more likely to gain valuable intent data about your sales prospects, close more deals, grow your business, and avoid stagnation’s negative effects.

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