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Be compliant with the newest Google & Yahoo regulations

What is email warm-up?

Email warm-up is a process of improving the given inbox’s sender reputation, which, as a result, increases the chances of landing in the receivers’ main inboxes instead of the SPAM folders.

Why do you need to warm up your email accounts?

The first and foremost reason to warm up your email accounts is to maintain a high level of your sender reputation. When it is healthy (as well as your IP reputation), you are able to conduct successful email campaigns, reach out to more potential customers and boost your ROI.

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How it works

Once you connect your email to Warmbots email warmer, it starts automatically exchanging messages with other inboxes connected to Warmbots.

The number of messages sends daily ramps up gradually. Those messages get automatically marked as important, and admins or customer support remove them from SPAM (in case they landed in SPAM).

Warm up email accounts and fix deliverability issues

Let the results of your email campaigns skyrocket!

Experience much higher open rates and enhance the general results of your campaigns. Get more clicks, replies, and lead rates. More sales? That’s a no-brainer with Warmbots’ email warm-up service!

Good cold emails aren’t SPAM. That’s why Growbots released Warmbots for free.

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Improve email deliverability maintaining integration with major email providers

As long as the email service providers have IMAP,
SMTP, and SSL, Warmbots is the solution for you!

Google bans email warm up tools

Google bans email warm up tools. However, Warmbots can now warm up any email from any email service provider via IMAP.

How to warm up emails with Warmbots

IMAP & Outlook

1. Connect your email to Warmbots email warm-up software by simply providing the credentials.

Email set up

2. Set up your signature and the maximum number of warm-up messages sent daily.

(we recommend the maximum number of 40 to different email addresses).

Warmup inbox


3. Create a simple filter in your warmup inbox to filter out the warm-up messages so that they don’t clutter up your main inbox.

Warmup inbox


6 out of last 29 sent


0 out of last 29 sent

4. Monitor your SPAM rates in the Warmbots dashboard.

Why Warmbots?

Each inbox


it’s cheap – $5 for every additional email

it’s a free email service if you connect up to 3 email addresses

it sends messages to real inboxes







3 out of last 29 sent


3 out of last 29 sent


3 out of last 29 sent

it provides detailed reports and stats in the dashboard, as well as some tips on what to do if you’re currently running some outbound campaigns

you can connect and send emails from all email providers as long as they have IMAP & SMTP

some customers mentioned that Warmbots has the highest percentage of reaching Microsoft inboxes in its network

Warmbots Features

Warm up email accounts and fix deliverability issues

Growbots Bullet

Account health insights

Know exactly what’s going on with the health of your email account thanks to the Warmbots inbox monitoring system.

Growbots Bullet

Monitoring dashboard

No-hassle account management & monitoring for your inboxes through your Warmbots dashboard.

Test your template deliverability

Growbots Bullet

Message deliverability checkup

Check where your emails land depending on the recipient's email service provider. Optimize your message until it's good to go live.

Growbots Bullet

Iterate with historical data

Access your previous tests to see how your results changed with each iteration.

Who is it for?


Get through more candidates and keep a good sender reputation with our email warmup service.

Lead generation specialists

With Warmbots, your email deliverability has never been higher, thanks to email warmup tools!


Get to your leads’ inbox folders and successfully boost your business with our email warmup service.

Sales managers

Overwhelmed with cold email campaigns? Relax – our email warm-up service will always keep your email reputation safe.



Growbots did a great job with their Warmbots tool. It’s definitely hugely beneficial!

Randall Robertson, Trinity Logistics

Hamza Abouhouraira

I answered an NPS survey and gave Growbots a score of 10. My reason: THE BEST APP EVER TO WARM UP YOUR EMAILS!

Hamza Abouhouraira, Domain Investor


Let me cut to the chase – start using Warmbots and forget about constant blocklists! These guys do know how to make your emails land in recipients’ inboxes.

Warmbots user





Up to 3 inboxes



3+ inboxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each inbox has a sender reputation. New inboxes have a very low sender reputation, while older ones could have a low reputation too or even be listed on email blacklists. By warming up your inbox through Warmbots we’ll raise your sender reputation by positively engaging with message from your inbox, resulting in higher open rates and improved email deliverability.

Short answer? Yes. While we recommend not sending too many emails from one inbox, warming up your inbox while sending regular email campaigns can have a positive effect on both your campaign open rates as well as your sender reputation.

Warmbots is free because we believe that good cold emails aren’t spam and they don’t belong in the spam folder. If you’re sending good cold emails, we’re here to help you land more leads.

You don’t need a Growbots account to use Warmbots. While we do like to invite you to explore Growbots, anyone can use Warmbots to warm up their inboxes.

You can currently connect up to 3 inboxes to Warmbots for free. More inboxes can be added for $5 per month per inbox or you can refer a friend to get a free month of unlimited inboxes.

Google has recently issued an important announcement regarding the ban of automated email warm-up services for Gmail users. This decision affects all companies that provide deliverability services utilizing email warming tools.

Consequently, in order to comply with Google’s terms, Warmbots’ email warming services will no longer be accessible for Google accounts starting from May 31, 2023.

If you are among those impacted by this change and are wondering if you can continue to warm up emails, make sure to read on.

There are a couple of things you can do to maintain the warm up process and refrain your cold outreach from landing in a spam folder. First of all, you should explore alternative strategies to do email warm up without using an automated email warm up tool. This includes warming up your email account manually.

It is quite simple to properly warm up your email account without an email warmup tool, but it is time consuming since you need to send the emails one by one and make sure that they generate positive engagement.

This is why as an alternative, you can move your email account to one of other email service providers like Yahoo mail as no email service provider (ESP) apart from Google has implemented a ban on email warm-up services.

Switching to one of another major inbox providers or adding it to your existing repertoire can be a beneficial option if you prefer to avoid the manual email warm up process for your email account.

Lastly, if you want to ensure that your cold outreach always reaches your recipient’s primary inbox, you can use a cold email warm up tool that is capable of integrating with an IMAP/SMTP inbox and doesn’t require Google’s API access. Warmbots is a tool like that.

Our team of deliverability specialists possesses extensive expertise in managing domain reputation and optimizing email marketing strategies to maximize inbox placement. Contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

Reach the inbox!

Try our email warmup software and we’ll help you stop missing out on potential customers.

your email setup check

Be compliant with the newest Google & Yahoo regulations

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