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How early-stage companies can generate quality leads with 30-35% win rates using one outbound tool

How early-stage companies can generate quality leads with 30-35% win rates using one outbound tool

Bill Kerr (Athyna) success story

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    My mission is to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their business. I show companies how to use B2B lead generation strategies to drastically grow their business without huge additional effort.

    Table of Contents
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      Table of Contents
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        Startup companies do not need to build huge sales teams and invest heavily in multiple advertisement channels to stay afloat and grow their business. With the right outbound technology up their sleeves, organizations like can consistently attract numerous prospects and scale as they go.

        Key points

        1. How does Athyna get a flow of quality prospects without a large sales team?
        2. Why did Athyna choose Growbots over other platforms to do outbound marketing? 
        3. How does Growbots help keep high morale among Athyna employees?
        4. In what way does outbound outperform digital channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn?
        5. What companies will benefit from outbound marketing?

        Searching for an all-in-one outbound solution

        Athyna, a startup company offering a platform for hiring global talent and onboarding new employees, needed a reliable outbound tool to attract high-quality leads without engaging a whole sales team in the process.

        The company targets B2B companies with small HR teams or businesses without talent acquisition departments looking for alternative ways to handle their recruitment-related operations.

        In the past, Athyna’s CEO, Bill, already tested some outbound tools to gather new prospects, but the features and the quality of data they offered left a lot to be desired.

        While a rich database with potential clients across different industries was one thing, the company also wanted to have the ability to scale its efforts up in a manageable way within the same platform instead of splitting its activities across many different sites.

        After the failed experiments with different outbound tools, Bill came across a multipurpose platform called Growbots.

        Are you an early-stage company looking for new leads?

        Reach new prospects with an outbound marketing platform.

        Getting the right technology stack for sales

        At first, he went for the entry package with one inbox to contact prospective clients and see whether the solution was something that would benefit Athyna.

        It took him some time to attract the right prospects and close the deals, but after learning the ropes, he finally observed positive ROI and decided to extend the subscription.

        Along with getting more leads with high close rates, Athyna started to rely more heavily on the platform. Finally, Bill decided to try an enterprise plan with access to an unlimited number of inboxes and over time allocated one person to handle 200 inboxes and send qualified leads to salespeople.

        What would take the work of 10 people and considerable time reaching out to prospects was fully automated.

        We have one platform, managed by one person, and we do outbound at a scale that most companies would never dream of. […] It’s a bit of a superpower to have this many leads coming in generated by just one of our team members. It really does the work of 10 salespeople.

        Bill Kerr

        Founder at Athyna

        The platform equipped Athyna with many outbound features that the previously tested tools failed to provide, namely:

        • database with responsive clients
        • outreach module
        • embedded analytics tools
        • email deliverability solution
        • split testing for testing targets with most responses

        In addition to the technical functionalities, Bill’s team also appreciated the high level of communication with the Growbots team and their support in keeping the bounce and spam rates low.

        Finally, with one reliable platform in their technology stack, they have arrived at the point where they can easily manage the speed of their business growth.

        In other words, whenever their salespeople are short of new leads, Athyna can boost their outbound activities with Growbots and bring a fresh flow of qualified leads

        If you can’t find leads in Growbots’s 150 million strong database, you probably have bigger problems on your hand than lead generation.

        Bill Kerr

        Founder at Athyna

        How outbound marketing won over the most popular ad platforms

        Like other companies before them, Athyna tried to promote its services on common digital channels like Facebook or LinkedIn.

        And while they did attract some prospects there, those were usually low-quality customers, and only around 10% of them closed the deals.

        At the same time, the leads generated with Growbots were of much higher quality, and their win rate would usually hit 30-35%.

        If you compare 10 leads that come in through Facebook or 10 leads that come in through even Linkedin, which is a pretty high-quality lead generation source, to 10 leads from Growbots, then it’s not even close. The 10 leads from Growbots are highly qualified, highly motivated, and have Ideal Customer Profiles.

        Bill Kerr

        Founder at Athyna

        Athyna’s experience shows that although digital channels may be the most obvious choice, they do not necessarily guarantee satisfying results. That is especially important for early-stage companies standing at a crossroads in choosing the best lead generation channel for growing their business.

        And where there are high-quality leads, there are more motivated salespeople. At least that is the case at Bill’s company, whose sales force remains more productive and satisfied with the positive outcomes of their sales meetings and high-standard tech stack.

        After trying different approaches, Athyna found a strategy that works best for the company. Overall, all their outbound activities, including business development team efforts, personalization at scale, and using the Growbots platform at a massive scale, contribute to over 80% of its business.

        Every business that I would talk to would say the exact same thing – the biggest pain point is that they need more high-quality leads coming in on a regular basis. And for that reason, I think that I referred 40 or 50 people to Growbots because I believed in the product.

        Bill Kerr

        Founder at Athyna

        Growing business from scratch with outbound marketing

        For the last 3 years, Athyna has been using Growbots to scale their outbound marketing with one tool and getting positive, measurable results. At the same time, it keeps its sales team happy and occupied with new qualified leads.

        Whether you run a startup company or a young SaaS organization looking for one reliable tool for promoting your services, the platform can support you in attracting the most responsive prospects that will successfully contribute to your business growth.

        Contact us via live chat to find out how Growbots can help you scale your business.

        Key takeaways:

        1. Athyna uses an all-in-one Growbots platform to do outbound marketing and needs only one employee to handle all the activities it involves.
        2. What sets this solution apart from other tools is the excellent data quality, the ability to scale, and multiple inboxes to manage an entire outbound within one account.
        3. Thanks to qualified leads with high close rates, Athyna’s sales team stays motivated and is more productive.
        4. Investing in outbound marketing may not seem the most obvious way to go, but for Athyna, it generates 3 times more high-quality leads with close rates, as opposed to digital channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
        5. Growbots will benefit small businesses, startups, or SaaS companies looking for a scalable lead generation platform.

        no prior experience & time required

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        no prior experience & time required

        Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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