How GetResponse simplified the tech stack and scaled outbound marketing

How GetResponse simplified the tech stack and scaled outbound marketing

Maciej Ossowski (GetResponse) success story

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    GetResponse already had an established outbound sales process, but sought automation and expertise to scale its outbound marketing and improve conversion rates.

    GetResponse offers a powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing.

    Simplifying the tech stack

    At the time, GetResponse had been using more than 10 different tools for lead generation and the rest of their sales process. They were looking for a solution that would simplify that tech stack as much as possible.

    GetResponse evaluated 5 potential sales automation products and compared their results to find the best fit.

    As email specialists, they placed a strong emphasis on data quality and delivery rates. Growbots had tough competition but was chosen to be GetResponse’s long-term partner.

    We gave 4 other companies a chance to prove their value within 3 months, but the results were way weaker than what we achieved with Growbots in the first 30 days.

    Maciej Ossowski

    Director of Enterprise Sales, GetResponse

    As a result, GetResponse decreased the number of tools used in their sales process.

    The biggest advantage of Growbots is combining everything in one place: creating an outbound drip campaign, generating suitable contacts, based on the verticals we chose along with excellent expertise at the fingertips

    Maciej Ossowski

    Director of Enterprise Sales, GetResponse


    GetResponse’s implementation of Growbots was swift, including the training of Sales Development Representatives. The first deal won from Growbots was closed one month after signing the contract.

    Outbound sales is a huge topic for anyone wanting to grow a SaaS business. Everyone is obsessed with the Predictable Revenue model, but the question remains: How do you find your customers’ data and automate the first contact? Growbots has solved both of these challenges for me.

    Maciej Ossowski

    Director of Enterprise Sales, GetResponse

    Mastering outbound and discovering new business opportunities

    It’s undeniable that GetResponse knows the ropes when it comes to marketing emails.

    At the same time, Growbots has aided GetResponse to master another type of email, by sharing best practices and tutorials on outbound sales emails along with hands-on training.

    Don’t wait to see the results – sign up for Growbots today.

    Reach new prospects with an outbound marketing platform.

    Despite being a popular brand, GetResponse actively looked for new business areas to explore.

    During the collaboration, Growbots helped GetResponse in developing a sales strategy based on targeting different industry verticals, to discover which ones converted the best.

    All that made outbound a top source of leads, despite the strong existing inbound traffic.

    Attract more leads with less effort

    Even when your sales team is small, you can successfully scale your business and reach out to new high-quality prospects. See how our all-in-one outbound platform can help you with that.

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