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How to send powerful messages and attract
clients fast when you have no idea where to start

How to send powerful messages and attract clients fast when you have no idea where to start

Ashlyn Currie success story

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      About Daniel Kirk 

      Partner since 2018

      My mission is to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their business. I show companies how to use B2B lead generation strategies to drastically grow their business without huge additional effort.


      The lack of experience in cold mailing may sometimes stand in the way of landing new prospects. However, you can learn the skills along the way with a good mentor and successfully promote your business with a ready database of prospective clients. Such was the experience of a freelance voice actress – Ashlyn.

      Key points

      1. How did Ashlyn promote her services prior to cooperation with Growbots?
      2. How do Growbots platform and Premium Support work?
      3. What is the role of Premium Support consultants at Growbots?
      4. What other skills did Ashlyn learn along the way?
      5. How does Growbots help her grow her business?

      Putting a lot of effort and getting no results

      To get her foot in the door of the highly competitive show business world, Ashlyn had to set the bar high, and decided to reach out to 25 prospects every day. 

      When on the lookout, she spent around 10 hours researching and writing personalized messages that she would send manually to the targeted clients. But despite the huge daily effort, the results were far from satisfactory.

      To get a better handle on what she could improve, she even took part in a marketing course. And although it was informative and inspiring, the classes did not translate into practical skills. 

      What she lacked was customized, constructive feedback on her ongoing, time-consuming activities that would prepare her better for the job.

      Determined to get her business off the ground, she looked for a way to improve her outbound marketing.

      Automating email campaigns with strategic advice

      While running a business, each minute counts. And Ashlyn looked for a way to reduce the time she spent looking for companies that would be interested in her services. 

      She stumbled across Growbots and decided to give it a go.

      It gives me a list of potential people. By carefully looking through them, you can easily tell whether or not they’re what you’re looking for. Before, I was just googling and that wasn’t great.

      Ashlyn Currie

      Voice Over Artist 

      Whereas the platform solved one of Ashlyn’s challenges, there remained another issue. 

      Outbound marketing was something completely new to her. Additionally, she felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information about best practices in the field that she used to read on the Internet and learned in the course. 

      What she needed was an outbound coach to give her clear guidelines on improving the quality of her messages and eventually strike a chord with the prospects.

      With rescue came the Premium Support service for optimizing her email campaigns and improving outbound marketing skills under the guidance of a Growbots consultant.

      What separated the service from those of other providers was the ability to get the necessary know-how about outbound marketing and to work closely with a strategy consultant. 

      Their job is to teach how to compose engaging emails to clients in a given industry, analyze campaign results together, and share professional advice on improving the messaging. 

      For Ashlyn, that was a game-changer.

      Do you need to learn effective outbound marketing from scratch? Our consultants are ready to help you.

      Sending the right message to the right client

      In the process, Ashlyn was assisted by a Growbots consultant, Martie, who gave her technical advice and acted as a coach who showed step-by-step how to:

      1. be concise and sound persuasive,
      2. personalize messages effectively,
      3. optimize campaigns for better results,
      4. respond to warm leads.

      In the meetings that followed the launch of her campaigns, she would learn what to do and what to avoid when contacting her target clients in her future emails.

      It shaped the way that I thought about things. Martie told me what I was doing right, what I was doing wrong, and why. That is exactly what I needed!

      Ashlyn Currie

      Voice Over Artist 

      Overcoming doubts over marketing with expert help

      In the past, Ashlyn was rather skeptical about marketing. She thought that self-promotion was not her strong suit.

      Luckily, Martie showed her how to use it to her advantage by shedding a different light on the outbound activities. That helped Ashlyn overcome her preconceived notion about marketing and see its positive business side.

      Telling others about how good I am at doing commercials felt unnatural, but Martie helped me fill in the holes and explained that I am not bragging but just letting people know about my services.

      Ashlyn Currie

      Voice Over Artist 

      Receiving emotional support on top of technical advice

      Shaping effective messages and learning the practical side of self-promotion were not the only benefits of her cooperation with Growbots. Ashlyn also wanted to know what to do when faced with negative responses. 

      In the coaching sessions with Martie, she received mental support throughout the process and learned how to react without taking the answers personally.

      Every once in a while, someone will be mean for no reason. Martie pointed out that I shouldn’t take it personally and just let it sit and move forward. It was nice to have her remind me that I’m doing what I need to do, and they were just having a day

      Ashlyn Currie

      Voice Over Artist 

      Thanks to the advice, Ashlyn eventually built up the courage to continue promoting her services without getting affected by unwelcome responses.

      Gaining professional experience with new clients

      By taking part in the Premium Support program, Ashlyn learned all the skills she needed to launch successful email campaigns and get new jobs.

      Do you need to learn effective outbound marketing from scratch? Our consultants are ready to help you.

      The prospect database and improved messaging allowed her to attract a client in Alaska – a place where she did not look for clients before.

      In the past, she only received commissions from small indie developers despite a lot of effort on her side.

      The client from Alaska was the first one that not only hired her for two radio commercials but also gave her clear instructions and constructive feedback she needed. As a result, she started to grow in her niche.

      Growing business with automation and technical advice

      Sessions with a consultant within the Premium Support program taught her the best outbound practices that she now skillfully uses in her campaigns. 

      And as the all-in-one platform automates her email activities, she does not need to allocate that much time to prospecting and outreach anymore. As a result, she has more time for her professional growth.

      Her story shows that any company or a freelancer with little or no marketing skills may rise to the challenge and become fully independent in outbound marketing.

      If you don’t know where to start, need one reliable source of outbound information, and seek personalized strategic advice on email campaigns, Premium Support is your answer. 

      Contact us now to learn more.

      Key takeaways:

      1. Before using Growbots services, Ashlyn would spend 10 hours daily looking for and manually emailing 25 prospects.
      2. Using the Growbots platform, she dramatically reduces the prospect-searching time and schedules email campaigns that follow the best practices she learned in the sessions with a Premium Support consultant.
      3. Premium Support consultants give personalized feedback and show how to write concise and persuasive messages, respond to warm leads, react to unforeseen responses and optimize email campaigns.
      4. During Premium Support sessions with a consultant, Ashlyn learned how to use marketing to her advantage and feel comfortable when promoting her services.
      5. Without the help of Growbots extensive database and technical advice, Ashlyn would not have landed a client in Alaska and gotten two jobs that gave her a lot of new, professional experience.

      Master outbound in 3 months

      With Premium Support, you get a reliable source of information and learn to write powerful messages by working closely with outbound experts. We will walk you through all the steps, and before you know it, you will be fully independent in email marketing and start attracting new prospects.

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