Growbots for agencies – Daniel Kirk partnership

How Daniel is scaling up his business and
keeps improving service quality without hiring

How Daniel is scaling up his business and keeps improving service quality without hiring

Daniel Kirk (Kirk & Co.) success story

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    About Daniel Kirk 

    Partner since 2018

    My mission is to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their business. I show companies how to use B2B lead generation strategies to drastically grow their business without huge additional effort.

    Table of Contents
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      About Daniel Kirk 

      Partner since 2018

      My mission is to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their business. I show companies how to use B2B lead generation strategies to drastically grow their business without huge additional effort.


      Every good lead generation agency keeps looking for ways to better serve their customers’ needs.

      What might this mean in practice?

      Well, there are always many areas for improvement like:

      • Onboarding of new customers and consultants,
      • Delivering and solving potential issues faster,
      • Having a reliable warming-up solution in place,
      • Monitoring results.

      And the list goes on.

      Key points

      1. Why is hiring a new employee to handle clients’ outbound marketing activities not always the best choice for a business?
      2. What are the key features of the Growbots platform for partners and their clients?
      3. How long does Daniel Kirk take to onboard a new client and launch the first campaign using Growbots?
      4. How does he benefit from the partnership with Growbots?
      5. How does his agency manage multiple clients using the additional features of the platform for partners?

      However, with such ambitions, new challenges come along. 

      The first is about hiring and managing new people. We all know very well that this is both time-consuming and costly.

      Secondly, processes and solutions that worked well in the past aren’t effective anymore. What your company needs then is to find and adopt a new approach.

      Finally, growing agencies means spending more time looking for new customers.

      In other words, what used to be effective, now requires an upgrade.

      That’s exactly where Daniel Kirk found himself in 2018.

      So, how did Daniel manage to scale up his business while keeping and even improving the service quality? 

      Let’s find out

      Trying other outbound solutions

      As a business owner, Daniel realized quickly that he needed to dedicate a large amount of time to the same repetitive tasks for each individual client. While he found certain features he liked on other outbound platforms, none seemed to provide him with the right fit for his needs.

      As a consultant, he needed a platform that could: source a list, verify data, put lead information into a system, and warm-up inboxes.

      One day, he stumbled upon Growbots and quickly realized the platform had all the features he needed. Hiring new people was no longer necessary since the most time-consuming activities were now handled by the platform. 

      As a result, Daniel quickly decided to migrate from his previous outbound solution in 2018.

      Instantly, I knew that this type of solution is the future. There’s no more managing data, managing spreadsheets, managing people – all that stuff. The email system is really sweet too. It was all right there. It was a mind blowing solution for me.”

      Daniel Kirk

      Founder of Kirk & Co.

      Easy to migrate

      It’s one thing to try platforms out and quite another to make them part of the business so they can be used on a daily basis for clients.

      One of the hardest things lead generation agencies find when looking to switch platforms is the difficulty in migrating from their old system to a new one.

      Far too often, they simply stick with their old platform because the idea of migration is stressful.

      The challenge is not trivial and has two faces.

      First comes the learning curve where you need to get used to the new interface and features. 

      When Daniel was looking for a solution for his business, he noticed that UI and UX in Growbots are “easier than other systems.” That was very important, as he didn’t want to dedicate too much time to mastering the platform before he could start delivering results for customers.

      If you ever migrated from one solution to another (not necessarily the outbound one), you know how thought-out the process needs to be. 

      The most important part is migrating all clients and making sure that they are set up correctly in the new environment. If not done right, it may harm the performance of future campaigns.

      Daniel experienced plenty of support during the migration process. Growbots agents helped bring over his clients in addition to going over the program’s features.

      Both of these factors helped Daniel to flawlessly move from one solution to the other with no negative impact on his business.

      Besides staying with Growbots, he also joined the partnership program, which brings a great number of additional benefits.

      Help your customers grow businesses. Do sales prospecting, outreach, and manage all your clients in one place.

      Focus on your business

      Many small businesses have to focus a lot of time on customer acquisition activities and frequently lose sight of their core business. As a result, their service quality takes a blow and getting new customers becomes even more difficult.

      A solution to that challenge may be hiring a person dedicated to customer acquisition. However, that often proves too expensive and time-consuming and does not always bring desired results.

      Daniel found a way to play it smart and still get new clients without increasing the company headcount. Thanks to the partnership program, he keeps getting paired up with new leads.

      As Daniel admits, a lot of the hassle has been taken off his shoulders since joining forces with Growbots. He’s using that newfound time to polish campaigns, look for new strategies, and better understand clients’ needs.

      I constantly get high-quality leads who are really interested in the service and fit my specialization.​

      Daniel Kirk

      Founder of Kirk & Co.

      Get features you want

      Daniel knew that in order to be the best in the industry and deliver top-quality service, he had to get access to the best features with the ability to adjust them for his needs.

      At first, all outbound solutions seem perfect, but over time you realize they lack a little here and there. 

      Some options are not working well, and others lack the necessary functionalities. Usually, you reach out to a support or product development team for help or to suggest improvements. However, collaboration with them may be very limited and not as fruitful as desired. 

      Daniel says that at Growbots, “You are heard.” He realizes that his feedback gets viewed as invaluable guidance by the product development team.

      He also notes that while various features have started off well, they haven’t always been perfect.

      When that happens, he quickly reaches out to the Growbots team to give feedback. And as was the case with a few other features before, they quickly get changed and fixed.

      Willingness to listen is one of the prime reasons Daniel does not need to look for different solutions for his business.

      Manage multiple clients

      Daniel admits that before Growbots, he utilized an assortment of programs in the hopes of creating his own all-in-one solution to manage multiple clients effectively.

      With Growbots, Daniel found a platform that “has all features.” Instead of using different platforms and tools in conjunction with one another, he has all the tools he needs in one place.

      There are a few features crafted specifically for partners that Daniel loves using.

      First is a dashboard that represents lists of all clients with crucial health metrics next to them. Based on that, Daniel can quickly decide which client needs his attention and can prioritize faster than ever before.

      One of the pains when doing outbound on a large scale is that you have to use multiple email accounts for each client. Usually, in that case, you would have to log out of one account and log into another to continue doing your work.

      In Growbots such repetitive tasks are kept to a minimum, and you can access multiple email addresses that belong to different clients within one partner account.

      All of that simplifies workflow and takes unnecessary hustle off Daniel’s plate. 

      Growbots is continuously developing new features and improvements for partners, and Daniel admits he can’t wait to see them in action. 

      Crisis management

      Everybody that does outbound knows that any issues have to be solved as soon as possible. This allows lead generation agencies to make sure that campaigns will perform well and ultimately bring the best results possible to clients.

      However, solving certain problems is not dependent on agencies, and they need to turn to their solution’s support.

      One of the things Daniel disliked about other platforms was their inability to communicate. If Daniel had an issue, all he could hope for was to get a support ticket in and to have the issue fixed within 24-48 hours at best.

      Daniel recalls how he once ran into an issue with filtering using Growbots. Namely, he received leads from a different segment than he was targeting. While the leads weren’t necessarily wrong, they just weren’t what he was looking for.

      He reached out to the team, outlined the situation, and discussed his client’s concerns.

      Support credited those leads back to the account, listened to Daniel’s feedback, proposed options for changing the feature in the future, and showed him how he could find more qualified leads with the filter.

      Daniel appreciates Growbots customer service. Instead of a service provider, he considers Growbots a valued partner in his business who is willing to have a dialogue with him every step of the way.

      He is sure that every time he needs help, he will get it. This is one of the factors that allows him to deliver consistent results for his clients. 

      In addition to crisis management, the team keeps him abreast of new tools and tricks of the trade. This constant stream of education lets him remain one of the top outbound experts in the industry. 

      Help your customers grow businesses. Do sales prospecting, outreach, and manage all your clients in one place. 

      Campaign results and closed deals

      Features and customer support are important, but at the end of the day, results are all that matter.  

      On many platforms, agencies can receive databases with names and emails that may no longer be valid, leading to emails simply bouncing off. Daniel admits his campaigns would not be as successful as they are without Growbots.

      Let’s investigate one of them. It was sent to 2,550 people, ending with a 4.6% warm rate. This is an exceptionally good result, especially when you consider the industry average of 2%.

      Not only is high performance important, but so is the speed with which it can be achieved.

      Usually, people working with growth agencies complain that it takes ages to see any results; that’s certainly not Daniel’s case. It takes him up to 2 hours to set up a new client, and results are often instant – the very first client he onboarded closed a deal on the first day.

      Within 6 hours of the first email sent, they had somebody hop on a call and sign a $8,000 deal.

      Daniel Kirk

      Founder of Kirk & Co.


      Scaling up business while improving service quality at the same time is not an easy task.

      Besides hard work, achieving unparalleled growth requires making some well-thought-out decisions. Probably, one of the most important one for agencies must make is choosing their technology stack. 

      After trying out different solutions, Daniel picked Growbots and became one of its most successful partners.

      Thanks to the all-in-one functionality of the platform, customer support, dedicated features, and not having to look for leads himself, Daniel’s schedule has loosened up. That, in turn, gives him the opportunity to provide the utmost service to his clients. 

      Altogether, Daniel managed to grow his business without compromising the quality of his services. 

      Growbots has all the features your agency needs in one place while offering an affordable solution that allows your clients to experience impressive growth. Learn more about how Growbots can help your agency by clicking here.

      Key takeaways:

      1. Hiring a new employee to handle outbound marketing activities is costly, time-consuming, and may prove unsuccessful.
      2. With the Growbots platform, agencies can easily migrate data to an all-in-one tool and reduce the time spent on managing different services that would otherwise be necessary.
      3. The solution enables Daniel Kirk to set up a new client and launch their first campaign within 2 hours.
      4. By cooperating closely with Growbots, Daniel can use exclusive features for partners and spend less time managing clients. Additionally, he feels listened to and can give feedback at any time to the product development team, who responds positively to his requests.
      5. Daniel’s agency uses features available to Growbots partners to handle 18 clients using just one platform instead of an array of different tools, which is effective in terms of costs and overall performance.

      Want to become a partner like Daniel?

      Help your customers grow their businesses. Do sales prospecting, outreach, and manage all your clients in one place. Do it with the better prices, guidance, extra features, and marketing exposure that only Growbots can provide.

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