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How Hyperquery boosted their reply rate from 0.1% to 1.9% and built a scalable outbound sales with Concierge

How Hyperquery boosted their reply rate from 0.1% to 1.9% and built a scalable outbound sales with Concierge​

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    Story is based on results after 9 months of using the Concierge service.

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    Table of Contents
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      Table of Contents
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        Outbound sales can be a major challenge for small business owners, who often face a range of obstacles when trying to develop effective sales strategies.

        Limited resources, lack of expertise, and difficulty identifying the right target audience are just a few of the issues that make many businesses shy away from the idea of email outreach. 

        However, with the right tech and a service like Concierge where an experienced specialist takes care of 95% of all outbound activities, the benefits of such an approach are within the reach of any founder or small team.

        Leveraging those resources is exactly what decided to do.

        Key points

        1. What are the common challenges with doing outbound with no prior experience?
        2. Why might a Concierge service be a better option than other email outreach platforms like Apollo?
        3. What did the cooperation with the Concierge look like?
        4. What were the results of the cooperation during and after the proof of concept period?
        5. What other business benefits can Growbots Concierge bring?

        The challenge: doing outbound on their own, a tech startup which is a data notebook enabling users to easily build shareable analyses, was looking for ways to increase their sales funnel and make it more predictable.

        Before partnering with Growbots, their experience with outbound sales was chaotic. Their strategy involved sending cold email templates that they had obtained by scraping LinkedIn and tailored to their offering.

        While this approach generated some responses, the reply rate was low, hovering around 0.1%.

        The issue was twofold: lacked proper outbound sales expertise and technical knowledge to maintain good deliverability.

        As a result, the majority of their emails were ending up in spam or promotions folders, lost in a sea of other messages.

        At Growbots, you guys have nailed this down to a science where you know that deliverability is key, warming up is key, copy is key. But for us, before working with you, the search space of possible things that we could do to improve our email conversion was just infinite. We just had no idea where to even start.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of

        Furthermore, Hyperquery’s approach had limited scale due to its manual nature.

        With the workload they had as a small business and lack of enough resources, they were able to send out only a small amount of emails.

        They also lacked an effective process for iterating on messaging and email schedules.

        Not knowing what their user’s journey should be through multiple emails, like many other businesses beginning outbound, they would send one batch email without following up.

        After repeated unsuccessful attempts, they had abandoned their outbound efforts altogether.

        Outbound sales vs other lead generation channels

        Without pinning down the reason why their outbound wasn’t working, decided to focus on other strategies that were bringing in leads.

        These included adding people on LinkedIn, word of mouth, reaching out close connections, being active on social media, and having their own content distribution channel.

        Despite these activities bringing in a certain number of leads, there was one issue – the results they generated were inconsistent and not easily scalable. was therefore forced to seek out a more reliable lead source to maintain their business growth and predictability.

        We couldn’t rely on our approach week to week to produce a certain number of sales calls. We would end up with weeks when we had 15 sales calls, and suddenly, next week we’d have zero for whatever reason. So we’d be overwhelmed and then we’d just quickly go to not having enough.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of

        Choosing Concierge over other cold email platforms

        Having difficulty building a consistent leads pipeline, Hyperquery reconsidered cold outreach as part of their sales process.

        Initially, they assessed alternative email outbound platforms such as Apollo. However, due to the absence of specialized expertise and the option to outsource a majority of outbound activities, they ultimately opted for the Concierge service, which provided exactly that.

        By effectively handling 95% of the outreach and lead generation tasks, the Concierge service eliminated the need for to independently gain the outreach expertise as well as construct and oversee their campaigns.

        Considering Concierge? Focus on your core business while we will deal with your outbound marketing activities.

        Building leads engine using outbound – the first 3 months initially enrolled in our Concierge service, where they received the expertise of a seasoned strategy consultant.

        Over a period of three months, our consultant reached out to 2000 potential prospects on behalf of, simultaneously experimenting with various unique value propositions (UVPs) and personas.

        One of the problems with outbound is that you don’t really know how to do it optimally. You might have to think about deliverability, or how the copy should be. How do you phrase that? How should you follow up? Having Growbots to help me figure a lot of that stuff out without having to do a lot of research on my own has made the process extremely easy.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of

        The initial steps

        Through Paul’s guidance, was able to determine the essential steps needed to develop a highly effective outbound sales strategy.

        These included improvement of their email deliverability, targeted prospecting, and value-based messaging, all of which happened in the first 3 months of the service during the proof of concept period.

        As one of the first actions, Paul proactively researched the client’s website and blog to learn as much about their business as possible.

        After the opening strategy brainstorm call, the client received a document containing:

        • Main value proposition,
        • The campaign copywriting,
        • The targeted personas that should be tested along the value proposition and the copywriting,
        • Ideas for A/B testing.

        Furthermore, at that point Paul had already written a compelling email copy with relevant messaging and built the prospect list consisting of people who matched the proposed strategy so had to only give him the approval to go ahead.

        Before the initial call, I was like: I don’t want to have to do more work with outbound. Coming out of it, I was thinking: Man, this guy went crazy. He basically did everything that we as founders would have been expected to do.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of

        Finding the outbound blueprint

        Despite initial skepticism about outbound sales, the Concierge service was able to unblock potential issues and quickly provide clear added value with minimal effort on the client’s part.

        During the POC period, Paul sent out two campaigns, both tailored to different personas that matched’s ideal customer profile. Among them, one strategy emerged as the company’s preferred blueprint, demonstrating greater results compared to the other.

        Growbots really helped us figure out what were the things we should do. They would be like: Okay, these are the three things you should do and we’ll take care of them for you. That was really incredible.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of

        Empowering efficient and scalable outbound approaches

        While the company received a few warm replies during the first three months of cooperation, it was in the following months (post-POC) that the rate of warm replies increased significantly, ultimately resulting in several dozen leads.

        Since the blueprint strategy proved to be so efficient, the campaigns themselves require minimal effort to maintain and scale.

        This is why decided to take over the responsibility of their day-to-day management and switch to Concierge Unlimited.

        The decision to switch to Concierge Unlimited instead of opting for Growbots Unlimited was primarily driven by the comprehensive support it offers through its deliverability and technical consultants.

        Moreover, Concierge Unlimited ensures the continuity of testing new ideas and provides extensive expertise in outbound strategies in addition to the freedom of scaling the outbound efforts based on the current business needs.

        The significant upside is that the Concierge process is easily transferable, and you can migrate it in-house or continue with Concierge while contributing and scaling successful campaigns.

        Finding the winning formula with Concierge​

        Concierge service proved to be extremely beneficial for the client, as it helped them in two significant ways.

        Firstly, they built a stable and predictable source of quality leads, which enabled them to grow their business. Secondly, they gained substantial insights which helped them shape their positioning, go-to-market strategy, and persona.

        While both outcomes were beneficial, the learnings proved to be of significant value for the client.

        Testing different types of messaging and target groups made it possible for to understand the psychology of its users at an early stage and learn who the types of people that are willing to engage in particular value propositions are.

        This understanding was extremely valuable in helping them make necessary adjustments to their business.

        The Concierge service was able to not just unblock our main potential issues, it actually proactively set everything up and demonstrated a clear added value very very quickly without a lot of effort on our part.

        Robert Yi - Hyperquery (icon picture)

        Robert Yi

        Co-Founder of


        As a founder or small team, one has limited time and must determine what the most important task is to accomplish given the available bandwidth.

        Outbound sales can also be overwhelming for those without experience in cold emailing, as the number of potential factors that could improve email conversion may seem infinite.

        In the past, Hyperquery found themselves in this predicament, unsure of where to begin.

        Considering Concierge? Focus on your core business while we will deal with your outbound marketing activities.

        Fortunately, the Concierge service helped them overcome those obstacles and build a scalable outbound strategy to ensure the success of the company sales- and business-wise in the long run.

        We can help you do that too. Reach out to us today via our live chat to learn more about how you can benefit from our Concierge program and take your outbound marketing to the next level.

        Key takeaways:

        1. In the past, Hyperquery has given up on outbound because of the lack of proper outbound sales expertise and deliverability issues.
        2. Our Strategy Consultant, Paul, quickly mapped out the issues with Hyperquery’s previous approach and proposed value-based strategies to test.
        3. Technical team at Growbots took care of the deliverability issues that Hyperquery experienced in the past and assisted the client during the technical setup.
        4. While the POC period concluded with a strategy blueprint and a couple of leads, it was in the post-POC period that Hyperquery’s outbound sales experienced a surge, resulting in several dozen new leads.
        5. With the Concierge service, Hyperquery built a predictable outreach strategy and gained substantial insights which helped them shape their positioning, go-to-market strategy, and persona.

        no prior experience & time required

        Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

        no prior experience & time required

        Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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