How Relatable won over $600 billion US market

How Relatable won over $600 billion US market

Martin Garbarczyk (Relatable) success story

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    Relatable has started using Growbots in its early stages, with the goal of expanding beyond Sweden and entering the market in the United States to collaborate with top brands. Valued at $600 billion, the US market presented an opportunity to target companies such as Uber, Google, and Samsung.

    Relatable is a global agency that can help scale your influencer marketing to create content, reach new audiences, and drive sales.

    In pursuit of new markets

    The company aimed to expand beyond its domestic market and seize all available opportunities. To achieve this, Relatable realized it had to establish a streamlined and efficient sales process.

    The founders, drawing on their prior startup experience, believed that a targeted outbound sales approach would allow them to quickly generate leads and revenue.

    Building the team and sales process

    Martin Garbarczyk, the Co-founder of Relatable, knew that the key to building a successful sales team was selecting the right individuals and providing proper training. Investing time and resources into developing the team is crucial, but often scarce in startups.

    Building an SDR team is very time- and energy-consuming, and I was looking for a solution that effectively combines technology and services and would make this process easier or even unnecessary.

    Martin Garbarczyk

    Co-Founder, Relatable

    During his evaluation of three solutions, he found that Growbots provided the best results by a substantial margin.

    One thing that I value a lot, and I think that many DIY software companies undervalue, is the importance of client onboarding. Thanks to the swift and proactive onboarding together with support throughout the entire collaboration by the Growbots team, we were able to get all the tips and tricks to use the platform in the best way from day one.

    Martin Garbarczyk

    Co-Founder, Relatable

    Robust Results in North America

    After a few outbound campaigns, Relatable was delighted to see the broad geographical scope of leads generated through Growbots.

    Most notably, the results were strong in the targeted market of North America, granting them access to a significantly larger customer base.

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    Their overall positive reply rate for outbound campaigns was 12%. Some campaigns achieved reply rates as high as 21%.

    We can now scale and control a data-driven approach to how we connect with clients. Growbots do the same thing for me that 5-6 SDRs would do.

    Martin Garbarczyk

    Co-Founder, Relatable

    Winning over Fortune 500 companies

    Thanks to the results, Relatable was able to realign its strategic focus. By relying on the steady stream of leads generated on the platform, they were able to allocate resources toward hiring more closers instead of adding more SDRs.

    The role of SDRs has also evolved into that of sales coordinators, responsible for a wider range of tasks beyond just sales prospecting.

    As a result of its success with Growbots, Relatable has been able to target and win over Fortune 500 companies, despite being a relatively new player in the industry.

    Relatable was a client for over 5 years and relied solely on Growbots for their sales during that time. Despite the growth of the company and its team, Growbots remained a consistent provider of high-quality leads throughout the entire partnership.

    Our success demonstrates that a small company can secure business from Fortune 500 companies by utilizing sales automation in a strategic and effective manner

    Martin Garbarczyk

    Co-Founder, Relatable

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