Growbots Growth Resources: Hyper Sales Growth Done Right

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Growbots Growth Resources: Hyper Sales Growth Done Right

Listening: a very important skill in sales. This week’s roundup is mostly inspired by recent meetings with the sales team, discussing their favorite tools for sales growth. Read more and find out about key sales behavior and insights into customer success in sales.


Must-try sales tools

Some time ago I mentioned Amy as a perfect assistant for scheduling meetings. Still impressed by you, Amy! Here’s Calendly, a very simple scheduler for meetings and calls. You can add your Calendly link to your email footer, and you’re all set.

Calendly – scheduling meetings is super easy

Calendly: Knowing the right meetings to be in leads to sales growth.

Box is a place where you and your entire team can share files securely. It’s a way to enhance the security of your business content and maximise productivity.

Box – secure file sharing for businesses

Tricks to test

Max Altschuler, the founder of Sales Hacker, shared four ways to hack social for more sales. The idea with LinkedIn Frenemies is very interesting: basically, it’s a clever way to benefit from the work of your competitors.Check out all four ways!

The simplest ideas and tools very often crush complicated tasks, and that’s exactly what EmailBreaker does. Just type in a domain, and it will show you the email pattern. Try it yourself.

Killer sales content

Three pieces of content which are worth your time:

Have you found something interesting in the depths of the Internet this week? Share it with us in the comments section or on Twitter!

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