How to Structure Your Outbound Sales Strategy to Get More Done Throughout the Day

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When putting together your outbound sales strategy, most salespeople begin by stuffing their toolboxes with the necessary items to get the job done.

From creating an ideal customer profile and creating mail templates for gathering and analyzing lead data, you begin to realize something important. There are only so many hours in a day and a salesperson’s outbound strategy can be downright time-consuming.

What you need is a checklist to help you organize and plan your days accordingly. Done correctly, and your outbound sales strategy can be fully-functioning while saving valuable time and energy; which, after all, are a salesperson’s most valuable assets.

Here are the methods to put into place when your goal is an efficient outbound sales strategy that works.

  • Use the Right Tools

Much of a salesperson’s day is filled with repetitive actions that can be automated using the proper software. YesWare can template your emails, Founders Connect will help you drum up sales leads, BriteVerify will verify that you’re sending your missives to active addresses, Pardot will automate much of your marketing, and FullContact will help you do the necessary detective work on your leads, yielding all sorts of social data.

With the right tools in play, you can shave hours off of the typical day by letting bots do all the tedious work you no longer wish to do.

  • Create Drafts & Scripts

When making a cold call or sending out a cold email, or even when sending a follow-up, it’s a good chance that some of the information is repeated. For instance,  you could create a body of an email and only change the opener, subject, and closer to make it unique.

Just having a few paragraphs that are static from email to email can save you precious minutes that can be better spent on leads that matter.

Cold calling scripts can also help you save time by preventing you from getting off topic. After all, phone calls shouldn’t go too long.

The scripts you write don’t have to sound robotic. Practice reading them in a conversational tone and you’ll save time while endearing yourself to your prospects and customers.

How to Structure Your Outbound Sales StrategyI

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  • Time Blocking

Using a visual card-based system like Trello, allows you to easily keep track of all the tasks you have to complete each day. You can then use a technique like the Pomodoro to keep you productive throughout the day. With this time-saving technique, you work diligently for 25 minutes, then you take a 5-minute break.

Then, you repeat the session until you’ve completed four “Pomodoros.” When your four Pomodoros are up, you take a 30-minute break, and then rinse and repeat.

Once you know which tasks you have on your plate, and Trello allows you to get a drag-and-drop visualization of your day’s activities, you can get each task done in record time by focusing and then taking a break throughout the day.

How to Structure Your Outbound Sales Strategy

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Other options include day blocking, where you choose a day each week to complete repetitive tasks. For instance, on Sunday nights you could plan your week and follow up on emails or on Fridays complete follow-ups and Wednesdays send outbound emails.

These time and day blocking techniques may take time to get used to, especially if you’re accustomed to procrastinating and putting off difficult tasks.

To help eliminate procrastination, tackle the most difficult jobs first and get them out of the way so your day will be smooth sailing from then on out.

You may also have to experiment with various time and day blocking options before you find one that works for you.  

You may find you’re more of a morning person, so putting difficult tasks at the forefront of your day may be a better strategy than pushing those activities off.

Working diligently with time and day blocking, and using the Pomodoro technique can save time and help you become much more productive than you already are.

  • Precision Prospecting

It’s said that 50% of a salesperson’s time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. There exist a variety of prospecting tools that can tell you all you need to know about the gatekeepers and decision-makers you’ll be dealing with during your prospecting sessions. These include GrowbotsLinkedIn Sales Navigator, Mention, CharlieApp.

Speaking of day blocking, studies show that Thursday is the best day to prospect followed by Wednesday.

  • Spend Your Time Wisely

Finally, make sure you are spending your time on tasks that will actually yield results. If you’re using most of your time selling on Facebook and Twitter, consider dedicating some of that time towards email which is nearly 40 times better at acquiring new customers.

Also, consider talking to your customers on the phone since that’s where 92% of all customer interactions happen.

Make sure your efforts pay off by committing your time and energy to those tasks that have proven to show results, and your effective outbound sales strategy will become efficient in no time.

Ryan Gould

Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Services at Elevation Marketing

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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