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Introducing our new e-book: The Art of Customer Acquisition

We wrote this because outbound sales is one of the easiest and quickest ways to acquire new customers and establish a dependable revenue pipeline. That said, it does require some knowledge gained from experience to be done right. You could gain this knowledge the hard way by starting from scratch and learning from your mistakes. After all, that is what we did. But since we have this knowledge, your other option is to take our what we’ve learned and start with an advantage.

Maybe you have been looking for a way to create a dependable revenue pipeline. Or maybe you have already established your outbound sales pipeline but have not been able to get the results you were promised. You can still benefit from what we’ve learned from sending over 80,000 outbound email campaigns.

The Art of Customer Acquisition is for anybody who wants to make more high-quality B2B deals using targeted email outbound sales.

You should be building an outbound sales pipeline right now. It is easy to set up, predictable, and scalable. It supports you other revenue generation efforts and you start to see results almost immediately. So we have produced this e-book so that you can see these benefits at your company.

For those of you who are just starting outbound sales, this book will provide you with all of the information you will need to create an outbound sales pipeline. If you already have started your outbound channel, this guide will provide you with the tips you will need to optimize your campaign to get the best results.

Here is what you can expect to find:

  • Learn how to target your outbound campaign

    Targeting is incredibly important to being successful at outbound. You will only get responses to your campaign if you contact people who you can provide value for. Take it from us, when we started properly targeting out campaigns, our positive response rate went from 2.5% to 7%. If you want to do the same read our e-book to find out how to:

    1. Use the Jobs to be Done framework create job stories which describe the companies you should target
    2. Create ideal customer profiles to make it easier to search for the companies you should target
    3. Create buyer personas to help you craft messages that your prospect will respond to
  • We help you find the right way to approach your target decision maker

    Once you know who your ideal customer is, you need to find a way to approach them to get the best results. We explain how you can:

    1. Use the direct approach to talk directly to the decision maker
    2. Use the top-down approach to get a referral that carries a lot of influence
    3. Use the bottom-up approach to create champions out of the end users of your product
    4. Combine all three approaches in a three-pronged thrust that will greatly improve your success rate.
  • Find actionable advice on how to create and run your campaign

    Once you know who you are going to target in your campaign, you need to prepare it. This is the part that is trickiest for most and has the potential to make or break your whole pipeline. As a result, this e-book goes over every aspect of the process including:

    1. Writing your first message
    2. Writing followups using the short and long approach
    3. The ideal structure of your campaign
    4. How to personalize your campaign
    5. How to use social proof
  • Learn how to qualify your warm lead so it is ready to sell to

    Once you have your warm lead, it is up to you to qualify the lead and get it ready to sell to. To do this we cover:

    1. Our 8 rules of persistence to land a meeting
    2. The tools you need to automate the qualifying process including
      1. Email accelerators
      2. Email follow-up automators
      3. Meeting scheduler
      4. CRM
  • Find out how you can optimize your campaign to get the best results possible

    Your goal is to get the best results out of your campaign as you can. It is therefore important to optimize as many functions as you can in your outbound pipeline. This is equally important for those who are starting out as it is for those of you who are still trying to find out how to get their outbound pipeline to work. In this section we share:

    1. Growbots’ outbound equation, which you can use to predict your revenues
    2. The most important metrics to pay attention to in that equation.
    3. How to use our sending time optimizer to time your campaigns so you have the best chance to get a response
    4. How to run test on your content
    5. How to make sure your messages are not mistaken for SPAM

For any of this information to be useful, it needs to be actionable. To help you apply what you learn to your own campaigns, we include:

  • 13 examples of Job stories
  • 2 examples of ideal customer profiles
  • 3 examples of buyer personas
  • 12 helpful charts and diagrams
  • 72 examples of what to write and what not to write in your campaign
  • 2 complete outbound email campaigns

You can buy the Art of Customer acquisition on Amazon (19.99 + tax) but for a limited time, you can download it here and start building your outbound revenue channel immediately.

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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