Use this revenue calculator to see how you can improve your outbound channel

At Growbots, we tell everybody how predictable outbound sales is. In fact, it is so predictable that we have been able to turn it into an equation that you can use to predict your revenue with certainty. We call it the outbound equation:

revenue calculator

All you need is a bit of simple multiplication and you will be able to see the revenue generated from your outbound sales pipeline. Each metric in the equation makes a difference to your results. To make it easier to readjust metrics and try different models, we have created a revenue calculator to do the work for you. With this calculator, you can:

  • Calculate how many prospects you will need to contact in order to meet your revenue goals.
  • Calculate how much each member of your team will contribute to your revenue predictions.
  • See how you can hack your pipeline to get better results.
  • When you are getting poor results, you can find out what part of your pipeline isn’t working and fix it.

You have two options. You can enter the number of leads you have put into your pipeline and then see how much revenue comes out the end. You can also enter your revenue target and see how many leads you will need to contact to get there. We have entered metrics that match our pipeline but you can change them to reflect your own situation.

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Lewis Stowe

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