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Success in sales can be a hard, tall mountain to climb. And it’s a mountain you must climb over and over again because sales reps can’t rest on their laurels. They live and die by their current success – or failures.

The good news is that there is an ever-evolving suite of solutions that can help sales reps reach the summit. From productivity boosters to grammar help, there’s a sales tool for everything.

If you can think of it, it likely already exists. Streamlining your workflow, automating tasks that can be automated, and using powerful AI algorithms to give you a targeted list of leads to contact are all sales tools that already exist on the market.

That being said, it can be hard to narrow down to the tools that are worth the investment – whether that’s money or the time to learn how to use it – and there are those that aren’t.

We’ve taken some time to go through our favorite sales tools and discuss what we love about them and why we recommend them.

The 12 Sales Tools You Should Be Using


Monday is a powerful management and organization tool. It helps your sales teams plan, organize, and track their progress and success in one visual, collaborative space.

You can create deadlines, manage projects, and collaborate together on this platform. This is a great way to see what your sales team is doing at any moment.

Plus – it can help encourage your sales reps to plan out their prospecting, lead meetings, and sales calls ahead of time so they maximize their productivity.

2. Streak by Gmail 

Streak is the kind of CRM that your sales team will adapt easily and quickly without fuss. Other CRMs can be overly bulky or unwieldy and innately user un-friendly. Not so with Streak.

This offering from Google is built directly into Gmail. There’s no more need to bounce around to other applications and software. Everything can be done from a single place.

Streak offers visibility into your sales reps communications with leads, turns itself into a customer support platform, helps you grow current relationships, and more.

3. Boomerang 

Speaking of Gmail tools, Boomerang is a handy little extension you can add to your Gmail account that helps you schedule emails to be sent later, as well as schedule follow-up reminders so you can ensure you aren’t letting leads slip through the cracks.

4. DocSend

DocSend is the perfect sales tool for sending presentations, sales materials, and collateral to leads to close the deal.

Not only is it used by big-name juggernauts like Forbes, The New York Times, and Upwork, but makes sharing documents easy and seamless. You can run presentations on the go and track your statistics.

5. Grammarly

If you write emails, blog posts, or any other words on the Internet, you need Grammarly. It is a browser extension that you can download.

It’ll ‘read’ the text you type and offer up spell check and grammar suggestions as you go so you can ensure that every email you draft up to a client sounds professional and put together. The best news is that this is a free sales tool.

6. Growbots

Growbots is an amazingly comprehensive outreach and prospecting cloud-based software solution. Growbots makes it easy to target leads and create campaigns that convert using an AI-powered algorithm.

Users have increased their campaign results by up to 40% within just a single month. Plus Growbots offers powerful analytics that makes it easy to optimize your results.

You can do A/B testing, collaborate, and learn actionable insights you can do to improve your results.

7. Circleback

Circleback does exactly what it sounds like – it makes it easy to circle back with connections that you meet as you go about your day-to-day life.

Good sales reps will Always Be Selling, which means that you might meet the perfect lead at a party or event.

With Circleback, you can build and maintain your own personal automated “address book” including removing duplicate entries and letting you scan the details of business cards.

8. Alinean

Alinean is another sales tool, but with a different twist. Alinean helps you better communicate the value of your product or service.

Tapping into the core of what makes your product special is the key to reaching your leads and getting conversions.

Alinean is great because it offers incredible flexibility – you can customize your insights to your needs to get the best return on your investment.

9. Buffer

Sales and marketing bleed into each other so while Buffer might be an obvious marketing tool, it can also be a powerful sales tool.

Creating messaging that pulls leads to you in an easy, schedule-ahead format means that you can create inbound leads as well as outbound leads.

10. GoToMeeting

Once you’ve snagged that all-important sales meeting where you can finally dive into your sales pitch and convince your lead why you’re so passionate about your product or service (and why they should be too), sometimes you might not be able to meet face to face.

The next best thing is a conference call cloud solution like GoToMeeting. You can connect with leads across the globe on any device they happen to have.

11. DocuSign

Once you’ve sealed the deal, you might need to sign it. DocuSign is a great solution for signing or getting signatures for contracts and agreements of all kinds.

You can sign from almost everywhere, collect payments at the same time, and integrate with platforms you likely already use like Oracle, Google, or Apple.

12. HubSpot CRM

You cannot effectively manage your leads without a CRM.

HubSpot CRM is a 100% free tool that helps businesses organize their interactions with leads and customers and manage their sales pipeline. The tool tracks customer interactions automatically – whether they’re in an email, across social media, or on a call.

Best of all, HubSpot CRM comes with up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, and storage without any expiration date – whether you’re a team of 1 or 1,000.

At the end of the day, sales is really just people connecting with each other.

You can’t remove the human aspect of sales, nor should you want to, but these sales tools can’t help you maximize your time, your insight, and your success which can make this very hard job just a little bit easier.

Did we miss one of your favorite sales tools? Let us know in the comments!

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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