Use LinkedIn Like a Pro With a Simple Trick

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Use LinkedIn Like a Pro With a Simple Trick

In today’s online world, we don’t exist in a vacuum. There are already people who know “stuff” better than you including how to use Linkedin. We have already written about the scope of outreach to influencers (you can read the whole post here), but it also applies to nearly every field of your business: a quote for your newest article, tool recommendations, a conference meeting, or an introduction to someone. You will probably start your research on LinkedIn. But what if the person you are looking for is a 3rd-degree connection and all you can see is this?

Use Linkedin like a pro!


Unfortunately, a first name, the first letter of a surname and a company name (and, of course, clear CTA to upgrade your account) may not be enough – after all, a full name would be the ideal situation – either for getting an email address or for strictly research purposes. Luckily, LinkedIn has some loopholes (allegedly). So the good news is that you can use LinkedIn like a pro!

I will find your profile!


With your free account, you can find out the surname of David, whom I mentioned before. All you have to do is visit the profiles of professionals listed in the right sidebar under “People also viewed” tag. Right here:

Use Linkedin like a pro!


After opening just a few profiles, sometimes after just one click, sometimes after the third or fourth, you will identify your unknown LinkedIn user. Go ahead and check the right sidebar with the last viewed profiles. Voilà!

Identify your unknown Linkedin user


That’s it – you just used your free account like a pro! Of course, this lifehack probably isn’t the best choice if you deal with a huge amount of these cases, but when it comes to one-off instances, go ahead! After you get the full name, you can go on a hunt for the email address.

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