Social Selling with Clever Email Tricks

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Social Selling with Clever Email Tricks

In this week’s collection of interesting things on the Internet, we focus on social selling and tools to improve your emails – those two combined could be a nice weapon to use.

Must-try tools

Here, at Growbots, we love simple and automated solutions, so initiatives like Email Hunter appeal to our style! Remember how we wrote about the LinkedIn trick? It could be the perfect extension!

Email Hunter – your sales secret weapon


This is really an astonishing solution. We were totally impressed, and half of the team could not wait to get the free trial. Crystal knows! She really knows how to write to people based on personality profiles.

Crystal – communicate with empathy


Every one of us has a person at work who uses GIFs in emails . . . and most of us love it! Moreover, it’s starting to become a trend in email marketing. Giphy could be a bullseye.

Giphy – search animated GIFs on the web


Tricks to test

Tracking your users’ behaviour may be the answer to various problems. Analysing the data will help you plan and look ahead. How can you use cohort analysis and what you can get from it? Benn Stancil gives you a ready-to-try guide.

The last time I mentioned Botify, I came to the conclusion that taking a closer look at SEO is a very good idea, especially when there are things you can do by yourself. Matt Woodward explains how to quickly remove bad backlinks.

Killer startup content

Reading a reasonable amount of content every week often leads us to a familiar conclusion: relationships matter. Tremendously. Always.

Have you found something interesting in the depths of the Internet this week? Share it with us in the comments section or on Twitter.

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