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Outbound expert of the week – David Finger

There’s no one right way to do outbound. That’s why each week we ask an expert to share their perspective on this channel. They share their tips on how to build it successfully. In each will answer a few questions about:

  • outbound use cases
  • preparing an outbound campaign
  • writing a killer outbound sequence
  • and more…

Meet David, Founder @ Leadfacta

David Finger Leadfacta

David, a previous Accenture consultant, and now the founder and head of operations of Leadfacta, has been in sales and marketing for the past 10 years.

Leadfacta is a turn-key outbound sales team. That means they…

  1. Build lists of prospects that fit your ideal customer profile
  2. Write copy for every profile and outreach channel
  3. Reach out to prospects via email, phone, & LinkedIn
  4. Train and manage SDRs (sales development reps) for your team
  5. And ultimately pass warm leads onto your sales team

How did Leadfacta start?

“As a CRM consultant, I noticed a lot of my clients were trying outbound, something I never heard of at the time. BUT nobody was doing it the same way… AND nobody had consistent results. One client—Pridebites—asked for my help. The system we created generated over $200k in business for them last year alone. At that point, I was all in on outbound.”

Why Outbound?

Inbound marketing is the thing of large budgets and longer time frames. Inbound is a marathon. Sometimes you just need to get started and run, and that’s when you need outbound.

You might need outbound if:

  1. You deal with lots of small and medium businesses in a highly fragmented market
  2. You don’t have the brand name of your competitors
  3. You have exhausted paid ads
  4. You are expanding into new markets or regions
  5. You have a two-sided marketplace/platform and want to seed the platform.

Why Outbound with Leadfacta:

  1. Your sales team is too busy to spend time on outbound. Let sales focus on sales and Leadfacta focus on outbound
  2. Scale your outbound team faster without the hiring headache
  3. Access to best practices in deliverability and personalized copy
  4. Scale-up and down as you need with sales reps who are specialized in outbound tactics

Hiring sales reps? Consider Leadfacta instead. If you already have SDRs, A/B test us against them!

What to pay special attention to when preparing an outbound campaign?

So many people just rush into starting an outbound campaign without thinking through the end-to-end process. Here is just a taste of what we pay attention to when starting outbound campaigns.

Email deliverability:

  • Is your email properly warmed up?
  • How will you monitor email deliverability?
  • What will you do if you have deliverability issues?

Email performance:

  • Okay so now your email was delivered, but did it go into spam or the promo tab?
  • Are we grabbing their attention? (i.e is our subject line working)
  • Are we getting replies (i.e is our copy and call to action working)
  • How personalized should we get? More personalized = more time and less volume, but more replies…Where is the right sweet spot between personalization and volume?


  • How will replies be handled?
  • What are common questions and objections?
  • When will the lead be passed to sales and how?

Measure & Learn

  • What are your benchmarks for success?
  • How often will you review performance and make changes?
  • When is the best time to email, LinkedIn, and call?

There’s a lot to it and that’s why you want a dedicated outbound team.

What are your 3 golden rules of writing a killer outbound sequence?

Keep it short, relevant, and conversational.

  1. Short – Think elevator pitch. You have 60 seconds to grab my attention.
  2. Relevant – Speak the customers’ language, not yours. Know their pain points and make them FEEL them. Only then can you tease out how your product or service can alleviate those pain points.
  3. Conversational – Don’t use cliché marketing words. Clarity of cleverness always.

One last bonus tip. A horse is a camel designed by a committee. Let individuals write copy, not teams.

5) What makes Leadfacta’s approach to outbound unique?

We take Dan Olsen’s approach to product and apply it to outbound: hypothesize, design, test, learn, repeat. Progress over perfection is at the route of the methodology. Try certain markets, try certain copy, try certain channels, but always measure. Continuous improvement is the name of the game.

Growbots is our tool of choice when it comes to email, but we also offer LinkedIn and phone outreach. It’s important to test each channel. I am still constantly surprised with which channel ends up working best for certain clients.

If you’d like to work with Leadfacta, use this link to schedule a call


no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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