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There’s no one right way to do outbound. That’s why each week we ask an expert to share their perspective on this channel. They share their tips on how to build it successfully. In each will answer a few questions about:

  • outbound use cases
  • preparing an outbound campaign
  • writing a killer outbound sequence
  • and more…

Meet Melvis, founder @ SpikePlugg

My name is Melvis, and I’m the Founder & Head of Growth at Spikeplugg. People hire me to do three basic things,
– Find Wealthy ideal clients,
– Pitch them through cold emails,
– Get them to book a meeting.

What outbound is good for?

Outbound sales can be used to set appointments with ideal clients, form partnerships, check if there’s a market for your product.

Let’s say you’re planning to build software for content creators, instead of building first, you can use outbound to reach out to content creators to see if they’re facing the challenge your product will.

What to pay special attention to while preparing an outbound campaign?

Let’s say you sell a copier machine and you have a meeting with the CFO to discuss this new copier.Will you be talking about how the copier can print in different colors? I sure hope not—for so many reasons.  Most important, you wouldn’t have that conversation with the CFO because he doesn’t care about colors, shades, and hues. What is important to a CFO is the return on investment (ROI), cost reduction, and efficiency.

The outbound message would be focused on the ways in which this new copier impacts those aspects.But now let’s assume you’re selling this same copier to a marketing manager. She cares about print quality and speed, which makes those aspects effective message points. Her primary interests are probably not ROI, cost reduction, and efficiency, so it is not relevant to position those.

Let’s assume again that you’re reaching out to an IT network manager regarding the copier. He doesn’t care about print quality and speed, nor does he care about ROI and efficiency. He is focused on copier reliability, network integration, and security.

To get a meeting with him, the email needs to be focused on those three aspects, as that is the conversation he will be interested in having.

I’ve just described three meetings regarding the same product, but the sales message is completely different given each person’s interests

What are your 3 golden rules of writing a killer outbound sequence?

Make your messaging relevant. Keep it short and straight to the point. Make sure it’s personalized.

What makes your approach to outbound unique?

It works – we constantly deliver results to our customers.

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Chris Zawisza

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