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Here at Growbots, we are committed to getting you in front of all of your potential customers in the most efficient way possible. We operate in an ever-changing environment so this commitment extends to looking for ways to improve the ways we meet our customers’ needs.  That’s where Growbots 3.0 comes in.

Marta, a Customer Success Manager at Growbots sat down recently with Luke Deka, our Chief Product Officer, to discuss a huge change we’re introducing at the end of this year. Growbots will not only update its layout but also many of its functionalities. Our current features will gain new functions. We’ll also launch new improvements that’ll make your Growbots experience as smooth as possible. You can find out more by watching this video where Marta and Luke discuss the new version of the Growbots app.

A first look at Growbots 3.0


If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here are the main takeaways:

  1. We felt that the application already gives you what is most important – new leads. That said, the way you obtain them could be much easier. We were dissatisfied with our current layout. To some extent it is clear, but from our experience and the feedback we have received from you, our users, it is pretty difficult to grasp everything when you log in for the first time.We also found that our technical debt is holding us back from delivering important new features and we need to rethink our architecture in order to scale. That’s why we decided to change the whole layout of our tool, introduce improvements in certain workflows, and incorporate some of your feature requests.
  2. As we’ve gathered feedback from our customers, we’ve tried to understand what the core problems are that have led to feature requests and find solutions that go beyond them. We’ve designed the application to save you time while giving you much more clarity and predictability about what should happen next.
  3. Some of the feature requests we’ll introduce are:
    1. A/B testing – in the new app, you will be able to create variants of each step in the sequence, compare results, disable the version that doesn’t perform well, etc.
    2. You will be able to see reports for each template globally as well as get into the right sequence or campaign and see how it performs there. Comparing templates will be simple and intuitive.
    3. Every list in the system will be sortable so you can quickly get your best campaign on the top and add more prospects to them.
    4. You can limit the number of emails that go out from your channel each day so you can avoid exceeding your email provider’s sending limits. Growbots will automatically reschedule your messages accordingly.
    5. The timeline is something that we changed completely, not only by showing you your follow-ups, but also by visualizing how campaigns are going out across channels.
  4. We love your feedback, so if you have any ideas how to improve Growbots, let us know! Thanks for sharing your use cases with us so far. Let’s get to the next level with Growbots 3.0!

Below you’ll find some of the most important questions asked during the webinar, along with the answers provided by Luke or Marta.


John: “Will the business intelligence layer, which tells us who is responding to our messages, only work moving forward or will it also tell us about our prospects in the past prior to GB3.0?”

Luke: “We have all the past data right now. What is very important to know is we are going to migrate all of your data to the new system, so all of it will have the backward compatibility. So no worries – it will work for the past prospects as well”.


Amit: “Can the timing be adjusted to the minute? Or only to the hour?”

Luke: “With 3.0 we’re gonna adjust it by the hour but we’re open to the feedback. We can see one use case where the minute-timing works well (the “sorry I forgot to mention…” message), but for 3.0 the timing will be released at the hour”.


Kayla: “When will Growbots 3.0 be released?”

Luke: “The first beta testers will be able to test the platform in November. For all users, we hope to migrate you in December this year”.


Marta: “Right now we’re working to find the easiest and best process for you, so if you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can sign up to be a beta tester here [link].


Doug: “Any there any new tools or insights on deliverability, checking for SPAM triggers, etc.?”

Luke: “We want to incorporate a tool that will check the health of the channels on blacklists. This hopefully will be in the 3.0, if not at the beginning, in one of the following releases. This is something we want to work on as it’s really important. There’ll be some mechanism sending e-mails from your channels to ours to check if the quality was good or not”.


Kristin: “When you edit fields, that is specific to your account and not a global change for all Growbots users, correct?”

Luke: “Yes, correct. Your prospect is your prospect. We have this profile in our database, so we see the changes you make and our algorithms will be able to learn based on that to give you the best data quality ever”.


Nick: “Currently, your salesforce integration requires the use of an API. Do you plan to allow the use of Growbots with Salesforce professional edition? Enabling APIs in Salesforce is expensive.”

Luke: “We’re discussing this with Salesforce.n order to release that, we need to be in AppExchange. We want to start this process with 3.0; it won’t show up with the new release, but we’ll be working on making this happen”.


Liam: “Will the timeline show recent past volumes i.e. how many emails have already been sent today/this week?”

Luke: “Yes, the new timeline will be displayed on every single campaign view, as well as in the dashboard for all the messages and it will show past messages”.


Cathy: “I need VPs of Sales and CEOs for software companies that have 0-100 employees?  How accurate is your email database and will it find contacts for EVERY company in this category?“

Luke: “Obviously we are not there yet with having every single company/e-mail. In 3.0 you will have software as one of the filters, you will have revenue, in terms of the e-mail database right now, you can expect less than 10% bounce rate. In 3.0 we want to get it under 7%”.


Doug: “How can we register for beta testing?”

You can fill out this form and we’ll inform you about the next steps.


Leszek: “What about suggested/bulletproof templates, like suggestions for content messaging?”

Luke: “We want to build something called the Growbots library. While you’re creating your first template, you’ll be able to add it to a place with our recommended templates, which are best-performing templates that will be useful for you. You’ll be able to adjust those to your e-mails”.


David: “Are there any plans for integrations with other CRMS? Like 365?”

Luke: “In terms of other integrations, not for 3.0. As we launch the 3.0, Q1 2018 is already dedicated to integrations. We can see our SFDC users being very happy with their integration, so we want to accommodate your needs and make things much easier when it comes to integrations with CRMs. So yeah, this is a plan for Q1 2018.


no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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