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From day one at Growbots, we strive to make our platform better. To make it as useful for our customers as possible, and it’s not an easy job, let me tell you. But when we finally succeed, seeing our customers satisfied and happy, makes it worth the effort.

Growbots has changed tremendously over the years, as we have introduced many great product improvements. And today, we are going to share another one.

Growbots finally integrates with Zapier. Yay!

In case you have never heard of Zapier (as you’ve just returned from a desert island), it’s a platform that lets you integrate with over 1,000 apps, so all your favorite apps can communicate with each other.

Oh boy, it feels good to be part of the Zapier family.

What can you do with Growbots thanks to Zapier?

Integrate it with your CRM

Use Zapier to integrate Growbots with the CRM you use, no more limitations. Send your campaigns via Growbots, qualify your prospects and have the results displayed in your CRM. No more contact duplication, goodbye mess!

Qualify prospects

Do you use a meeting scheduling software like Calendly? Well, we have some good news for you! If a prospect you send your campaign to via Growbots signs up for a demo using Calendly, the campaign will be automatically stopped. No more follow-ups will be sent to that prospect.

Easily pause your campaign if your prospect converts outside of Growbots

There are many ways to acquire leads, we totally get it. So if your prospect converts on a landing page, or leaves their contact details on your homepage, your campaign in Growbots will be stopped automatically. You don’t want to annoy your prospects, and neither do we.

Use it for more precise ad targeting

Marketers, you are going to love this one. Thanks to Zapier, Growbots now integrates with ad platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Adroll. Don’t let your prospects forget about you, EVER. Target your ads at prospects you send your campaigns to. They will respond eventually.

Use it to qualify accounts in Gmail

Who said you have to qualify your prospects in your CRM? There are many ways to do it. Did you receive a positive or negative response to your campaign? Just star it in your Gmail account and it will qualify that prospect/company at Growbots.

Receive Slack notifications

Do you love Slack? Sweet, so do we! Use Slack to get push notifications about any warm replies you receive from your campaign. This will let your team quickly react to any positive response. Remember, outbound sales is all about timing, so the faster you reply the higher your chance of closing that deal!  

If you decided not to use Growbots, as we did not integrate with your favorite apps, now you must give it a shot. No excuses. You won’t regret it.
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no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

no prior experience & time required

Find your winning outbound formula with Concierge

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