Every time we write about outbound sales we emphasize the importance of effective sales prospecting.


Because without nailing prospecting your outbound sales process is doomed to fail.

Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales platform which means we cover both prospecting and prospect outreach.

We continuously strive to make both of these processes better, and that is more effective and easier to follow.

Prospect targeting at Growbots

Targeting at Growbots is very precise and consists of 2 steps. Initially, we ask our customers to identify the companies they want to target.

We provide them with a wide range of targeting criteria including:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Technographics
  • Keywords
  • Page rank
  • Revenue

They can use the above criteria to match with their ideal customer profiles, and in turn, increase their chances of conversion. Searching for specific companies is also possible.

sales prospecting with Growbots

After agreeing on the company criteria, we ask our users to select all decision makers they would like to contact.

At Growbots we always tell our customers to target the decision-making process rather than the decision makers.

They can select their job position, seniority level, and department as well as include specific keywords to get a list of all decision makers instantly.  

You can decide how many prospects from the same company you would like to include in your list.

sales prospecting with Growbots

Enriched prospect profiles

Recently, we have introduced a couple of improvements to our prospecting process.

Every outbound sales pro knows how important it is to send personalized messages to their prospects. For this reason, we have decided to further enrich prospect profiles with even more useful information which will help you better tailor your messaging.

Check out the screen below to see what kind of information each prospect profile includes.

sales prospecting with Growbots

Accepting prospects at Growbots

There are different ways you can accept prospects at Growbots:

  • You can select all the prospects included in your list and accept them all at once without verifying each profile 

sales prospecting with Growbots

  • You can go through your list and decide which prospects you would like to accept, reject or blacklist 

sales prospecting with Growbots

  • Or you can click on a prospect to open their profile, verify their information to double check if they meet your targeting criteria. We have recently introduced some keyboard shortcuts to let you quickly accept (1), reject (2) or blacklist (3) each prospect. We highly recommend using this method to ensure, you only send your campaigns to those prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service.

sales prospecting with Growbots

Prospecting can be a very time-consuming process if you do it manually. Growbots can save you up to 4 hours daily on prospecting, use this time to close more deals.

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