Our Partner, Dino, would like to offer you a service that will hopefully bring you the results you are looking for!

My name is Dino and I am a cold email/business development/outreach specialist who has been providing great results for companies in a variety of B2B industries. My biggest accomplishments have been consistently scheduling meetings with major enterprises for my clients resulting in enormous deals, and I will be happy to provide references to support this. My key specialties include setting up cold emailing campaigns, planning a strategy, writing copy, and lead generation.

My success in this field can be seen if you visit my portfolio!

You will be able to see project descriptions as well as screenshots of the positive engagement that I receive regularly. If you are interested in scheduling a call to discuss this, please let me know and I will be happy to jump on a call!

They would take care of for:

  • Emailing 1000 prospects
  • Lead Generation & Laying out Effective Outreach Strategy
  • Crafting effective email templates/copy
  • Cold Emailing all Leads
  • Weekly Comprehensive Reports
  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • M-F Support

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