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Hello, Growbots fam 👋

Let us introduce ourselves!

Leadpack is founded and led by two friends:

  • Filip – ex-Head of Sales Development @ Growbots, where he spent over 4,5 years using the platform on a daily basis and managing a team of SDRs who were booking over 100+ demos each month. Knows the platform inside-out what enables him to get the most of your current subscription.

    Now he helps companies across multiple industries build their outbound process from scratch, delivering both sales calls & processes that can be scaled or taken in-house.
  • Marcin – right before founding LeadPack, Marcin was a Sales Development Manager @ Zowie. He created the entire outbound process from scratch and implemented multiple sales software systems, e.g. Growbots, Hubspot and Salesforce. Before finding his one true love (outbound, LOL), he founded a few businesses and worked in strategy consulting @ Deloitte.


What we can do for you:

  1. Manage your outreach infrastructure (domains, email accounts) and deliverability
  2. Craf cold email sequences based on your target audience & value proposition – we’ll prepare at least 3 different campaigns to test different approaches and signals
  3. Prospecting – using Growbots, we’ll take care of cherry-picking the best prospects for you
  4. Book sales calls directly to your calendar – no matter whether you need 5, 10 or 50 additional sales calls per month.

If you’d like to book a quick call to discuss your use case and check if we’re able to help – use the link on the left side of this page 😉

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