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We at SALT have been building and battle-testing B2B sales machines around Europe and US since 2018. We adopted the Predictable Revenue methodology to help companies productively enter the market and stay competitive once they are there. People all over the world booked thousands of meetings and conducted hundreds of internal and external customer research interviews. Hope it serves you as well as it has served – and continues to serve – us.

We can help you with:

Email infrastructure + deliverability setup
We will help you to prepare your domain for outbound sales. Including safety assurance and anti-spam measures. 

Outbound templates & A/B testing
Based on the best experience worldwide we will design custom messages for different markets/industries/personas/channels. We also have the ability to A/B test these templates on a big scale and tweak them according to results. 

Omnichannel outreach & calendar-booking
We will approach your key accounts using various channels for communication. Email, Phone, LinkedIn, Social, and other channels relevant to your ICP. You will receive calendar invites to qualified business meetings with your key accounts.

What you can expect: 

Meetings booked:
   Worst case = 8/mo
   Most likely = 16/mo
Companies outreached: 2400/mo
New opportunities: 7/mo
New clients: 1/mo
Weekly sync calls + regular support
Measured on B2B SaaS companies operating in Europe & North America.

To learn more about us you can check our LinkedIn profiles by clicking on our names!

Or just schedule a meeting using that pink button above our photos!

SALT Sales

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