Outbound expert of the week – Milos Armus

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Outbound expert of the week – Milos Armus

There’s no one right way to do outbound. That’s why each week we ask an expert to share their perspective on this channel. They share their tips on how to build it successfully. In each will answer a few questions about:

  • outbound use cases
  • preparing an outbound campaign
  • writing a killer outbound sequence
  • and more…

Meet Milos, founder @ Lead Genetic

“I’ve been working in Sales for a couple of years now, and I’ve always been fascinated with the Sales Development process and turning a cold lead into a hot lead that’s qualified to buy something. Prior to running my own business, I used to work as an SDR and Appointment Setter for 2 huge companies remotely. After gaining a really huge success I decided that I’ll gather an A-team around and we’ll start building a company, later called Lead Genetic.

What outbound is good for?

Basically, you can develop your sales pipeline quickly, as you’re the one who’s doing prospecting and choosing your potential customers. When you combine the fact that you’re the one who chooses with your Ideal Customer Profile data – you’ll most likely find yourself buried with a whole bunch of highly qualified leads ready to hear your offer.

What to pay special attention to while preparing an outbound campaign?

Ideal Customer Profile, definitely! I cannot stress this enough. You need to know your audience so that you can actually send the right message to the right people. If opposite, you’ll just waste time and money.

What are your 3 golden rules of writing a killer outbound sequence?

Make it eye-catchy, be brief and try to personalize things.

What makes your approach to outbound unique?

As for Linkedin part – we do things manually. We actually scroll down through the list manually prequalifying all the leads that we have in the list. The best ones will finish in your inbox and the rest of them will be removed.

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